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Can’t wait for Black Desert on Xbox One? Well, today is your lucky day as Pearl Abyss have announced pre-order bonuses, the fully confirmed release date, a new trailer and more!

Let’s not beat around the bush… Black Desert on Xbox One will be launching on March 4th 2019, delivering a console version of the PC smash hit open world action MMORPG.

With more than 10 million players sitting behind the PC version of Black Desert, it could be said that its arrival on Xbox One is something many are looking forward to. The promises of cutting-edge visuals and skill-based combat that redefines the genre may well be something to do with that, but a fully developed character customization system will help too.

If you’re one of those looking forward to the launch of Black Desert on Xbox One, then you will no doubt be interested to hear that the pre-ordering system is now also in place… and there are a number of Early Access and In-Game rewarfs available for those who wish to put their money up early.

Ultimate, Deluxe and Standard Editions of Black Desert on Xbox One will all be in place prior to the official launch on March 4th 2019, however those who plump for the Black Desert Ultimate Edition pre-order will get Early Access to the full launch on March 1, 2019. In addition to that, the Ultimate Edition grants the most in-game rewards and exclusive items, including pets, horse armor, costumes, currency and other benefits.

Those opting for the Deluxe and Standard Editions will benefit from pre-ordering too, with exclusive in-game items available, with Deluxe Edition access starting March 2nd and Standard Edition on March 3rd.

“After the enthusiastic reception of the Black Desert open beta in November 2018, our team has been hard at work making significant improvements to enhance the base game ahead of launch on March 4”, said Robin Jung, Chief Executive Officer at Pearl Abyss. “We appreciate the feedback we received from our Beta testers and the Xbox community and look forward to sharing the final experience in the coming months.”

Black Desert on Xbox One will not only feature a new story line, remastered graphics and audio and an optimized UI created specifically for a fluid, responsive console experience, but it’ll also come with 4K Ultra HD support for Xbox One X, to ensure the stunning visual environments wow those looking to spend time in the expansive, living world.

Will you be getting on board with the Black Desert on Xbox One pre-orders? They are available right now from the Xbox Store. Let us know which version you’ll be grabbing by posting in the comments below.

And don’t forget to check the latest trailer out too!

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