The Square Enix Collective is an initiative that provides a range of services to indie developers in order to help them raise the profile of their projects, and, therefore bring them to market. Today we have news that another title is making the most of the Collective as Black The Fall gets a confirmed release date. You won’t have to wait very long either.

Announced today is the release date for Black The Fall. Coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC on 11th July 2017, the visually striking world that Sand Sailor Studio have created will no doubt wow you from the off, as it delivers an atmospheric platform puzzler.

Tapping into the terror and oppression that’s the signature of life in a totalitarian state, the gameplay found in Black The Fall has been capturing the attention since it was first unveiled in 2014, but now it is finally becoming a reality.

You will get the chance to take control of ‘Black’, as you try to sneak through stages that are littered with cameras trained on your every move and traps that have been designed with one thing in mind – to take you down. You’ll need to be clever to succeed, making the most of all your top level stealth and distraction skills throughout.

“Black The Fall is an atmospheric platform puzzler that really taps into the idea of what it’s like to live in a communist dystopia,” offers Cristian Diaconescu, Creative Director at Sand Sailor Studio.

“We really wanted to use the puzzle genre to depict the kind of communism that dominated Eastern Europe in the decades after World War II – it really helps illustrate just what it was like to live within a restrictive regime. That means players have to make use of the kind of tactics people who survived that era mastered – manipulation and stealth – but this approach also bleeds into the melancholic atmosphere, rendered solely through image and sound. There’s no text or dialogue to tell the story, which we think also sets it apart.”

“We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work with Sand Sailor Studio on Black The Fall,” details Phil Elliott, Director of Community & Indie Development at Square Enix Collective.

“Black’s journey isn’t just compelling because of the puzzle-based play the studio excels in, but also because of the sheer bleakness of the universe he inhabits. It’s a universe based on the real-life experiences of the families behind the studio – their story is Black’s story, in short. It all means Black The Fall is the kind of intentionally cold world we think gamers will conversely want to spend a lot of time within.”

We’ll no doubt be hearing and seeing more of Black The Fall as E3 2017 progresses, but should you be interested – and we’re not sure why you wouldn’t be – at least you won’t have to wait too long to get involved.

We’ll be sure to remind you when the time for a download comes, but for now, let’s hear three cheers for The Square Enix Collective.


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