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The lure of the Wood Elves is possibly too much for many but thankfully you can now get your hands on them with the opening of the digital pre-order and pre-download of Blood Bowl 2 on Xbox One.

Making the most of the Xbox One’s feature, you can grab Blood Bowl 2 right now from the Xbox One Games Store. You obviously won’t be able to play it until release date – 18th Sept 2015 – but by grabbing it early, you’ll save yourself the hassle of a day one download plus you’ll get access to the Wood Elves team as well.

£39.99 seems to point to a game ready to sell…and sell well it should!

Game Description:

Pre-order now on Xbox One Store and get one free additional race! WOOD ELVES race comes with its unique AI and players (Passers, Wardancers, catchers, linemen and the Treeman) but also their own star players: Dolfar Longstride and Jordell Freshbreeze! Elves are amazingly agile and almost as fast as Skaven. Avoiding other’s tackles is a pure formality for them. Especially for the Wardancers whose ability to go through opposing defenses is nearly outmatched. Elves are excellent passers and catchers. Their game could become a true nightmare for other teams not as agile and fast as they are. The Treeman is probably the strongest player in the whole of Blood Bowl. He’s gifted with an extraordinary natural strength against which very few players can compete. However, the Treeman is extremely slow and has a bad tendency of taking root in the middle of the field. If that happens, he won’t be able to move…at all.

As always, the Xbox One Games Store should be your next port of call.

The Elves are waiting!

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