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We’ve watched the trailer through two times now, and we still can’t fully tell you how Bone Marrow plays. We think it’s a game similar to the classic 2048, in which you combine pairs of numbers to make bigger numbers, all the way up to the mythical 2048. But in Bone Marrow, the numbers are replaced with swords, shields and food, and you’re combining these provisions together in anticipation of an enemy dropping in and jabbing a maul in your face.

Don’t blame us if we’re wrong! But Bone Marrow is certainly a grid-based puzzle game, and the emphasis is on gathering bigger and bigger stacks of weapons and armour. What do you do with them? Well, we’d be guessing.

Bone Marrow is from Ratalaika Games, and it leans on the Forgotten Realms-aesthetic of some early RPGS like Ultima Underworld and Dungeon Master. You can almost smell the freshly unpacked box of Heroquest. 

It’s a solo or two-player experience, and has four maps to play on, as well as unlockable characters to find. You will be fighting rats, cobras, liches and bandits as you wend your way through the dungeon, and presumably vast riches will be yours at the end.

A note that Bone Marrow is fully optimised for Xbox Series X|S, so this may be the game to show off your Xbox’s full performance. Or maybe not.

Bone Marrow is out now on Xbox One and, optimised for, Xbox Series X|S and starts at £4.99 from the Xbox Store. It’s also out on PS4, PS5, Switch and PC. 

Game Description:

Bone Marrow is a game in the genre of role-playing board logic puzzles. The game proposes to combine numbers in pairs, and these numbers have been paired with objects. Using their combination, you can create better weapons, shields, and potions, which will increase your attack and defense against dark monsters. But a wrong move will have consequences! If you enjoy puzzles, medieval aesthetics, and elegantly straightforward gameplay, then Bone Marrow will save the day!

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