Ubisoft are presenting gamers with a unique opportunity…will you be one of those booking your latest getaway with CaveBnB?

With Far Cry Primal arriving on Xbox One and PS4 come Feb 23rd (followed swiftly by a PC version on 1st March), Ubisoft are giving us all the opportunity to plan our getaway with the launch of CaveBnB, an online contest developed for Far Cry Primal.

The Far Cry series is doing away with the tropics and Himalayas as Primal takes us back to a time when humans were not at the top of the food chain, instead struggling to survive against massive beasts, breathtaking environments and unpredictable savage encounters.

CaveBnB will give players the opportunity to experience the wild and untamed world of Far Cry Primal, while travelling back in time to the Stone Age to discover the extreme conditions in which our ancestors lived. The winner, accompanied by a person of their choice, will travel to an undisclosed location in France and participate in expert survival training, pushing them to their limits. By day, they will develop new skills, and by night, they will have to use them to survive.

If you fancy getting involved and showing off your primal instinct, prove it in one tweet! The Twitter competition will start at 10:00 UK time on January 18th and end at 23:59 UK time on January 21st. To take part in the CaveBnB contest, users will have to add the hashtag #cavebnb and mention @farcrygame in their tweet.

Book now at farcrygame.com/cavebnb




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