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Brazen Puma PC Gaming Chair Review


You may well be of the understanding that gaming chairs are expensive, elaborate affairs which should only really be marketed at the serious gamer or eSports specialist; those looking to pick up marginal gains in order to prove themselves as the best. Yet if truth be known there are options available for near on everyone, from the most casual to the hardcore, and from the cash-ready to the most frugal. And if you think of yourself as one of those who are looking for a bargain, all while still being able to get in on the gaming chair scene, Brazen Gaming Chairs come into play, particularly with their Puma variety.

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Coming to market with a very reasonable price that should ensure it opens up opportunities, particularly for the younger gamers out there to embrace the world of their heroes, the Brazen Puma is a decent enough effort for those looking to take the first step off of their bed or sofa and into a more comfortable gaming scenario.

Pretty much perfect for kids, the Puma is certainly lacking on the features front, with Brazen failing to be able to include the likes of adjustable armrests, reclining back pieces or dialled lumbar support – but for the price asked they do just about get away with it. Especially as it is likely that younger gamers will just be happy in the knowledge that they’ve got a chair to hand.

For adults though, particularly those approaching anything near the 6ft range, the Puma should never be considered and I’ve struggled to find my 80kg 6ft 2in frame finding a spot that is comfortable for extended periods – mostly as the neck support fails to reach high enough. Of course it’s doable, but to immerse yourself into your most intense gaming sessions you need to be comfortable at all times, and for me the Puma doesn’t allow that.

It’s not helped by the failure to see any properly premium feel or quality to the materials used either. See, the Puma comes with a bit of a mix of PU leather, PVC and mesh outers, and whilst it looks decent enough and feels nice to touch, the smaller details let it down. This is particularly evident with the huge padded bulge at the front of the seat, ensuring that whenever you are sat on the Puma, your legs are pushed apart. This isn’t uncomfortable per se, but is a strange design choice. 

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Should you be able to get past that, then thankfully the padding throughout the rest of the chair is deep enough to allow for a reasonable time to be had, with the backrest coming complete with a large Brazen B logo in the head support that, as long as it reaches, is rather lovely to rest back on. The squishy mesh covering over much of the chair delivers a nice degree of cushioning too, whilst the armrests themselves, despite being non-adjustable, are an absolute delight. I wish other manufacturers would take it upon themselves to create elbow rests that are just as well padded as what is found on the Puma. 

It is however hugely disappointing to find that the Puma comes with little in the way of reclining action, and whilst you can push your body weight back into the chair for a bit of a spring, the opportunity to move the back to a variety of positions would have been massively appreciated, if only so the bolt-upright position it brings can be adjusted slightly. But hey, if you’re sat at a desk it is fine. For roughly a hundred quid you can’t have everything though any many will be more than satisfied with the well-working lift mechanism and the smallish casters which still allow plenty of roll on all manner of surfaces.  

The Brazen Puma is a strange old beast, delivering some lovely moments before leaving you begging for more thanks to the omission of a number of industry standard features. I have to say though, I very much love the branding, the colour scheme is on point with the black, white and yellow hues delivering a superb design, and the ease in which this chair goes together is simplicity in itself. In fact, with a lightweight feel to things, easily installed arms, back piece, casters and lift mechanism, anyone who knows their way round an allen key and screwdriver will have this up and in place within a matter of minutes.

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Again though, it’s disappointing to see screw holes in the Brazen seat base differing: one side sees them protruding out, while the other has them slightly retracted. Quality control could certainly be higher, although once everything is screwed into place, that issue is negligible.

At the end of the day you should be looking at the Brazen Puma PC Gaming Chair for what it is – a decent entry level product into the world of gaming seats. Should you be of petite stature, have a limited budget and are in the market for your first gaming seat, then the Brazen Puma may well just about suffice. Similarly, if you’re attempting to hit the tick boxes of your son or daughter’s Christmas list, again it may well fill a gap. But for the serious gamers out there, particularly those of a certain height who are wanting a quality product, you can do much better with a chair.

Massive thanks go out to Brazen Gaming Chairs for giving us the opportunity to review the Puma chair. If you wish to pick one up, head on over to Amazon.

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