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The UK, and more specifically Sheffield in South Yorkshire, is a hot bed of musical talent – at least that is what many will have you believe. But if you take the success and brilliance of the tunes created by Bring Me The Horizon, then perhaps that statement is true. There’s only one way to find out for real though, and that is by purchasing and downloading the Bring Me The Horizon DLC for Rock Band 4.

Available for purchase on Xbox One and PS4, the latest content drops to arrive for Rock Band 4 players come about via Sheffield’s finest – Bring Me The Horizon – with some of their most famous tunes from years gone by accompanied by a magical affair from their very latest album.

Priced up at just £4.39, the Bring Me The Horizon Pack 01 for Rock Band 4 should be something that all fans of the band will wish to have in their Rock Band library of tunes, with the following hits delivered from within…

  • Drown
  • Pray for Plagues

Further to that, you can find that each of these tunes are available as individual purchases too, with a measly £1.59 attached to each. What’s better is the fact that for a limited time, that price is discounted down to £1.19. That’s bargain territory if ever there was some, so no matter whether you wish to play along to Mantra from 2019’s Amo long-player, or either of the earlier songs, you can happily do so.

In order to get the band back together and be given the opportunity to jam away to some of the best tunes Bring Me The Horizon have ever created, you’ll just need to visit your favoured digital store – Xbox Store or PlayStation Store – and splash the required cash. You know, just like you would have done so for the multitude of other DLC additions that have hit the game.

Let us know in the comments below if this latest BMTH Rock Band 4 content is something that will be interesting you. If not, what band do you want to see given the full Rock Band treatment?


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