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On Bungie day it was inevitable we’d hear something about the highly anticipated Destiny! We aren’t disappointed as there’s now a concrete date for the Beta launch.

If you’ve pre-ordered Destiny from selected retailers then you should already have a spot reserved for you. The Destiny Beta is your chance to play Destiny and give Bungie invaluable feedback The Beta will include character creation, story missions, co-operative activities, competitive multiplayer and more.

For Xbox 360 and Xbox One players it will launch on the 23rd July at 10am PDT (6pm BST) and will last for three days until 26th July at the end of the day (PDT). Be sure to be online on this final day as Bungie have promised a special award to those who are present. All you have to do now if you’ve activated your Beta code on is wait for them to email you a special code on the day of launch. We’ll leave you with the Beta trailer…


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