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Captain an airship in Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing on Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC

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Sometimes a game arrives on the scene with a concept that’s like nothing you’ve seen before and, well, Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing certainly seems to fit that bill. It’s time to step up as the captain of an airship in a deadly reality TV show and be the last one standing at the end of the broadcast. Are you intrigued?

Originally a PlayStation VR exclusive, the action-strategy rogue-like offering of Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing is out on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. In its fantastical sci-fi world, you’ll be tasked with captaining an airship during a multi-stage competition of a reality show and voting for your rival captains – controlled by A.I. who can also vote – to be eliminated. Juggling pilot duties, commanding the crew, aiming weapons and managing resources will be crucial in becoming the champion.

It’s not just about looking after yourself either, with alliances and betrayals playing a keen role in lasting the distances; manipulating the A.I. must become second nature. Of course, success in doing so will win the admiration of the fans and enable the reaping of rewards through sponsorships. Every playthrough is unique too as encounters and environments are randomised, whilst the cast of the show is rotated as well.

Those wishing to get a touch of fame in Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing on Xbox One should head over to the Xbox Store, where it’s priced at £16.74 – although an initial launch discount is currently in place. For everyone else, simply check the nearest digital store on your platform of choice as it’ll be available there too.

Let us know if you manage to be the last captain standing!

Game Description:

Become the captain of an airship in a reality show. You and the other captains will vote at the end of each match to decide who is eliminated, until only the champion remains. You’re in command: Fly your ship, forge alliances, plot betrayals, task your crew, manage resources, and become champion! Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing takes place in a fantastical sci-fi world, a massive gas giant with mist-soaked floating islands and continents at the heart of a declining empire. Experience harrowing high-speed races, deadly battles with swarming assault ships, encounters with aerial beasts, mind-bending challenges, and more.

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