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Cheap and easy Gamerscore comes in spades thanks to the Xbox games from October


Anyone else tired of hearing October being referred to as ‘spooky month’? Or even worse, when people use the word ‘spoopy’? Like, what even is that word? I’m all for a horror film or two but in all honestly, I’m a bit of a Halloween Scrooge; just never seen the appeal. So, here is my offering to others like me; this month’s easy achievement list is a spooky free zone, but it is full of simple to pick up Gamerscore and achievements from the Xbox One games that released in October 2020.

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time – 10G – Channel Surfer

crash bandicoot 4

I promised a spooky free zone, but we’re starting with a game that I suffered a real Jekyll and Hyde moment with due to raging at it. However, with this achievement you don’t need to suffer through the entirety of Crash Bandicoot 4, as you can unlock it on the first level.

After the initial cutscene, the first level loads up with Crash once again on a beach, in a nod to the original Crash Bandicoot. There is a bar, a sofa, a TV and an inflatable Spyro the Dragon in amongst other items strewn about the place. Head over to the TV and give it a spin; it will flick through the various Crash Bandicoot logos from across the years, of the mainline games at least. Keep spinning to flick through the channels and eventually the achievement will pop-up, awarding you a simple 10G.

Let’s Sing Queen – 25G – Early Evening

lets sing presents queen

Ok last mention of spooky season I promise, but next up is Let’s Sing Queen, and I have it on good authority that even howling like a werewolf under the light of a full moon will unlock this next achievement.

Let’s Sing Queen is a karaoke game where you can sing along to 30 of Queen’s greatest hits, using either a microphone or the Let’s Sing app on a smartphone. All your favourites are there: We Will Rock You, Bohemian Rhapsody, Bicycle Race, We Are the Champions and more.

For this super easy achievement, simply sing one song and earn a bronze record. It can be any song and is the equivalent of a participation medal such is the simplicity of this achievement. Plus, you’re listening to great music, and I will fight anyone that has a bad word to say about Queen.

Dustoff Z – 6 for 400G!

dustoff z

We previously had an achievement list that featured a list of several various zombie-related games, but as it is Halloween, how about one more?

I swear this is the last time I will mention spooky season.

Dustoff Z may also have the award for most achievements appearing on one of these lists, with a whopping six in total! The downside to this is that two of them are awarding 0G.

Dustoff Z is like a modern-day Desert/Jungle/Urban Strike game (and if you are old enough to remember those games, congratulations on surviving that long) where you pilot a combat helicopter. The difference being that Dustoff Z on the Xbox One features a cartoon style, and hordes of the undead.

For the achievements though: Save your first survivor for the first 100G achievement ‘Search and Rescue’, hire your first shooter for the 100G achievement ‘This is a beginning…’, upgrade them for the next 100G achievement ‘Trainer’, then transport a supply back to your base for the fourth 100G achievement ‘Looter’. Back at your base, upgrade your chopper and give it a paint job for the 0G achievements ‘Mechanic’ and ‘Colorized’. 

Six achievements in five minutes: sure, some of them are 0G ones but four of them are 100G each so it balances itself out, right?

Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix – 2 for 40G – Move it, Football Head and I’m Ready! I’m Ready!

Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2 Grand Prix 3

Fun fact: As a kid, I wasn’t allowed to watch Ren and Stimpy, they gave me nightmares. You could say they were too scary?

I promise I won’t mention Halloween again.

Another doubler coming up here, as these achievements go hand in hand. If the title wasn’t clear enough, Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2 is a kart racing game featuring classic Nickelodeon characters. And it is a sequel, denoted by the number 2.

To unlock these two achievements though, firstly you need a perfect start from the starting grid. This is easier than it sounds though, as you simply need to hit RT on each number of the countdown. After the third one you should get a speed boost and the 30G achievement popping straight after. Then all you need to do is finish the race for the second 10G achievement, but after that perfect start you better make sure you’re finishing in first place.

This is the Zodiac Speaking – 100G – Monica

This is the Zodiac Speaking 4

(I genuinely cannot think of a tenuous link for this game and Halloween, so I definitely won’t be mentioning spooky times in this entry. Oh…)

This is the Zodiac Speaking is a psychological horror (There’s the link!) game based on the real-life Zodiac Killer, a serial killer who was never caught, based in 1970s California.

This first achievement can be found in your bedroom by opening the safe hidden in your closet. It requires a code to do so though, which can be found on the back of the photo by the side of your bed. 

Or I can just tell you it: 102371. 

Ding, 100G.

Cake Bash – 50G – Out of the Oven

cake bash xbox

There is nothing, nothing that can associate Cake Bash with Halloween. Nothing. It is a cute party game with both local and online multiplayer that is great fun. There is a giant pigeon though with the ability to defecate on your cake slice, but that must be a seriously niche phobia if anyone suffers from it.

We haven’t had many achievements this month for simply completing the tutorial this month, the kind that we love in this article because they’re so damn easy. So, here is one now.

Complete the tutorial. 50G.

Aery – Sky Castle – 100G – The Beginning

Aery - Sky Castle

Our final achievement this month isn’t for sufferers of anablephobia; that is the fear of looking up. It’s a real fear, and if you don’t believe me, maybe ‘look it up’?

Achievements for tutorials are second only to achievements for pressing start. That is the case with this achievement in Aery – Sky Castle, and it’s worth a whopping 100G. Simply press Start and a wall of text will greet you, providing some backstory. Midway through the achievement pops. Simple as that.

And that’s your lot for this month! Hopefully the Halloween theme wasn’t too intrusive, I did try and limit the amount of times I mentioned it. But don’t worry; Christmas is just around the corner. For now though, go and grab yourself a shed load of achievements and even more Gamerscore by following our hints and tips regarding the easiest Xbox points to grab from those games released in October 2020. 

If you’ve got an easier cheevo, let us know about it. The comments are down below. 

Richard Dobson
Richard Dobson
Avid gamer since the days of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Grew up with the PS1 and PS2 but changed allegiances in 2007 with the release of Halo 3.
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