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Childish Energy Review – the cool kids on the energy drinks block


childish energy review
Which Childish Energy should you consume?

You may have all of the moves in your arsenal, countless hours mastering your craft, and your body at peak physical performance to become the best, but no athlete is complete without energy. 

Be it a physical athlete out on the field, or a professional gamer wowing virtual audiences, an effective energy drink can be the difference between victory and defeat. In the ever-growing energy drinks market, is there a place for a radical newcomer to shake the competition? 

Childish Energy certainly seems to think so, but does it live up to the hype?

What Is Childish?

Or perhaps the question is who is Childish? 

Those immersed within YouTube culture – especially on the British side of things – will have no doubt heard of TGFbro. This mad-cap duo formed by Jay Swingler and Romell Henry have got into their fair share of mischief during their many years on the platform. 

Boasting over six million subscribers, a few years ago the two thought it was high-time to branch out. Childish was born as a fashion brand, before venturing into the energy drink space earlier this year. 

So, it’s got millions of adoring fans already potential customers, but Childish Energy must impress many others to get the likes of Sneak Energy and G Fuel turning their heads. Read on for our thoughts on the latest guests to the energy drinks party.

Three Garish Flavours

Upon opening any delivery of Childish Energy, the colour and chaos of Childish is immediately realised. 

Childish Energy comes in three distinct flavours, each with neon-coloured packaging that stands out on any shelf. Each of the three tubs boasts a decent 40 servings, with each of those providing a 150mg caffeine hit for just 20 calories. For comparison, an espresso from Starbucks has 75mg of caffeine per serving, so expect a substantial energy boost from Childish! 

Childish Energy recommends each serving should contain one scoop (10g) of energy powder, mixed in with 300-400ml of cold water. We prefer to go down the sparkling water route for some fizz to things – fancy!

Importantly, Childish also comes with zero added sugar, as well as a number of key amino acids and vitamins. The likes of L-Tyrosine look to improve mood, focus and energy levels. Vitamins B and C help reduce fatigue and aid the immune system. Further still, potassium citrate and magnesium oxide help with muscle contraction and digestion, perfect for intense exercise.

What we are all here for, however, is the flavour. So, without further ado…

Tropic Storm

Our first port of call when trying out Childish Energy was that of Tropic Storm.

Given that our favourite energy drink is Sneak’s Tropikilla, we were hoping for more of the same intense fruity notes here. Disappointingly, it was almost exclusively a peach taste our taste buds received, which was more medicinal than pleasant.

Each of the drinks we sampled also had a remarkably strong visual profile and aroma that would put off many, before they gave the drink a taste. Tropic Storm is bright yellow in colour. Not the best first impressions, but little did we know that the best was yet to come…

Blue Raspberry

Blue Raspberry from Childish Energy, on the other hand, does exactly what it says on the tub. 

This is a bright blue drink with a raspberry flavour that we were pretty pleased with.

In a blind taste test compared to Sneak’s own Blue Raspberry offering, it was Childish that emerged victorious. Of course, as with all drinks tasting, things are incredibly subjective. But we very much liked this one.

Melon Burst

Finally, when it came to Melon Burst we saw where Childish had got the formula bang on. 

Gone were the intensely medicinal tastes of Tropic Storm; replaced by a watermelon taste that was just the right blend of sweet and refreshing. We’re saying it now, this is the nicest Childish Energy flavour.

Far and away the best flavour we tried out, for lovers of all things watermelon, you may just have your favourite at-home energy drink here with Melon Burst.

The Verdict

So, from the line-up that Childish Energy currently offer, we had one disappointing drink, one that beat the big boys in Sneak, and one that – even then – was the best of the bunch. Push through the incredibly bright, neon colours of the drink (I mean, these are seriously bright), and the pretty strong smell of the powder itself, and you have, for the most part, a pretty tasty end product.

As far as pricing goes, Childish Energy puts themselves up there with other energy drinks. Compared to our personal fave of Sneak Energy, 40 servings of Childish costs £35, whilst 40 servings of Sneak is £39.95. Not much to separate the two, then.

Sneak have also recently come out with their hydration drinks line – Sneak Hydrate – with no caffeine in sight. This has further expanded their ecosystem, meaning that many fans here will be hard-pushed to jump ship and try another brand.

Ultimately, with the correct marketing we can see the energy drinks wing of Childish going far and wide. Much like how the clothing brand has transcended the YouTube cult following, this could be a big hit. Can we see energy drink nay-sayers converted by Childish? No, probably not. However, for those already integrated into the energy drink lifestyle, Childish is well worth a try.

Try for Yourself!

Head over to the Childish Energy website to pick up your own tub. 

For £35, you’ll get a tub of any flavour of your choosing. For many, we can see the Starter Pack being the most appealing buy. For just £10, you’ll receive a single serving of each of the three flavours, with a stylish branded shaker also. 

Additionally, the Deluxe Starter Pack grants you two servings of each flavour, with the shaker thrown in too, for £16.99.

Each of the three main flavours can be bought on a repeating monthly subscription, for £31.50 a month.

Huge thanks go out to Childish for providing us with tubs of Childish Energy for review. 

I'm an avid gamer who will play pretty much anything... but stick an open world or adventure game in front of me and I'm more than happy.
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