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Another week passes and yet more DLC drops onto the Rock Band 4 library. This time round we see a couple of tunes arrive, with one each coming from Chiodos and Amberian Dawn.

The Finnish power metal bringers of Amberian Dawn may not have dropped an LP for a couple of years, but today in 2019 we see them adding one of the most famous tunes to the Rock Band 4 library, at the same time as the post-hardcore US rockers of Chiodos throw out the brilliantly named Lexington (Joey Pea-Pot With a Monkey Face). 

Priced up at £1.69 each and available right now in the Rock Band 4 library, are the following tunes…

  • Chiodos – Lexington (Joey Pea-Pot With a Monkey Face)
  • Amberian Dawn – Shallow Waters

If you are looking for another reason to get the band back together and reckon a bit of metal is for you then ensure you make your way over to the Xbox Store should you be rocking on Xbox One, or the PlayStation Store for our PS4 friends.

Should however these not be to your liking, then there is a whole range of musical genres available too. We’re pretty sure there will be something that is slightly appealing. Whatever you do decide to pick up, let us know your purchasing decisions down in the comments section below – or via the usual social channels. We’re on all the usual suspects.

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