Choice of Life: Middle Ages Xbox

Kids these days will never know how easy they’ve got it. The hardest choice they will ever have to make is whether to swipe left or right. In our days it was whether to place the bread or the jewel encrusted skull into your knapsack, or whether to run from the goblin and turn to page 42 or fight him and roll for a critical hit. If it isn’t immediately obvious, I’m referring to those choose your own adventure books that peppered bookshelves in the ‘80s and ‘90s. And Choice of Life: Middle Ages, available today on Xbox and PlayStation, represents a modern-day interpretation of those classic books.

Those choices you face happen right at birth. Do you choose to crawl or sit in the corner? Learn to walk or speak first? Every choice has a consequence, and not all of them are good. Some other choices you will have to make include:

  • Become a robber or an honest trader?
  • Beg for money or learn a craft?
  • Take the side of superstitious peasants or protect the innocent witch?

Can you find the right path in amongst lots of wrong choices too? There is only one way to survive the Middle Ages, and the correct answer may not be the morally right answer. As you progress, you will unlock titles to show-off/hide depending on what you did to achieve it.

From Blazing Planet Studio, the developers of Lanternium, comes Choice of Life: Middle Ages. Available to download from the Xbox Store now priced at £4.19, those who make the quick decision to pick it up now can get it at a reduced £3.56. We’ve already made the right choice to review Choice of Life: Middle Ages, so stay tuned for that coming very soon.

Game description

You find yourself in a wondrous medieval kingdom. And, as you know, it will not be easy to survive there. Therefore, you have to make wise (and sometimes not so) choices that will determine your fate! And these are only a small part of the decisions you must make on your way from a simple peasant to a nobleman. Are you ready to set off on a dangerous adventure and discover the secrets of the kingdom?

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