Roar of Revenge Xbox

Indie developers love looking into the past and creating games based on the classics of yesteryear. Some developers also try and emulate the art style with a modern twist. And then some developers absolutely nail the old-school aesthetic. See for yourself in Roar of Revenge on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

Roar of Revenge introduces you to Keel the Barbarian, who definitely isn’t anything like Conan the Barbarian. He is on a quest to defeat the powerful man-lion known as Leomhann and restore peace to the world. Roar of Revenge will also feature:

  • Checkpoints and saves to guarantee a balanced challenge!
  • Acquire new skills by getting relics
  • Variety of enemies and bosses
  • Unlock multiple endings
  • Pixel art graphics
  • 8-bit chiptune soundtrack
  • Pure old-school action

Whilst Roar of Revenge certainly looks like a game from the ‘90s, it has another string to its bow. It is being ported over by Ratalaika Games, and we all know what they deal in. Easy achievements. Will Roar of Revenge follow the trend? Our review will have all the answers soon.

For now though, Roar of Revenge is on the Xbox Store priced at £4.99. As is also typical with Ratalaika Games offerings, there is an introductory discount reducing the price to £3.99 for a short period. We must say, it is highly impressive how Roar of Revenge looks like an old-school platformer, and we hope it can deliver gameplay wise too. Let us know in the comments if you like the look of this one.

Game description

Inspired by epic platforming classics from days gone by, Roar of Revenge is an exhilarating adventure through a vibrant world full of monsters, magic, and challenge. Take control of Keel the Barbarian, and face a vast bestiary of foes while collecting the ancient relics to empower your skills! Will you manage to stop the fury of the villainous, powerful man-lion called Leomhann?

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