The vertically scrolling shoot ‘em up has been seen many times over on Xbox One in recent years, but we reckon Rival Megagun’s competitive twist will possibly ensure it stands out from the crowd. So, who wants to invade their opponent’s screen in a humongous boss-like ship?

In Rival Megagun, you’ll be competing against your friends locally in intense couch battles or online versus, with matchmaking also a possibility. After choosing a playable hero, each possessing their own special weapons and Mega Gunship form, it’s off to give it your best shot at taking down your opponent during the split-screen action. Along the way, new weapons and gear can be unlocked to offer more choice when customising your ship.

Fancy a bit of alone time? Then don’t worry as there’s a single-player arcade to play through too, ensuring most of your shmup needs are suitably covered. Rival Megagun is out today on Xbox One and you can purchase it right now on the Microsoft Store for the price of £11.99.

And then you’ll be blasting all your rivals away, hopefully!

Game Description:

Manic. PVP. Battle. Shmup. Transform into your Mega Gunship boss form to blast your rival head-on in this unique shooting game with a competitive twist. Rival Megagun is a competitive split-screen vertical shmup (or shoot ’em up, shooting game, STG) where you transform into a gigantic boss ship – your “”Mega Gunship”” – to invade your opponent’s screen. FEATURES: -Classic shmup action with a competitive twist -Multiple playable heroes, each with their own special weapons and Mega Gunship boss form -Intense 2-player “”couch-competitive”” local versus battles -Online battles – challenge your friends or find opponents via matchmaking -Unlockable gear and weapons for customizing your ship -A single-player arcade mode

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