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The Eastshade Studios team – they previously behind Eastshade – have today announced a new story-driven witch academy RPG, Songs of Glimmerwick.

Blending RPGing, adventuring and gardening, Songs of Glimmerwick looks to enchant when Eastshade Studios prepare to drop it to PC and console (we’re expecting an Xbox launch in there) next year. And when it does drop it’ll give you the chance to head to the land of Glimmerwick and begin to understand the secrets of its university of magic.

A quick peek at this wonderful woodland fantasy world can be taken in down in the reveal trailer, as you get the opportunity to become immersed in a musical woodland fantasy world, one in which casting a spell is as easy as playing a song.

You’ll be found attending classes, growing the university garden, making friends with classmates and townsfolk, and exploring the island’s many oddities and mysteries. Yep, this story-driven witch academy RPG will be found blending adventure game and life sim mechanics.

It’ll come about some three years after their critically-acclaimed release of Eastshade, as Songs of Glimmerwick follows Eastshade Studios’ mission of creating a sense of place. Lead Designer and Artist Jaclyn Ciezadlo, and Lead Programmer Danny Weinbaum are working together to create an environment that players will enjoy spending time exploring, and invite you to the academy next year on PC and consoles.

The key features of Songs of Glimmerwick include:

  • RPG Style Quests: Unfolding narrative quests with a focus on unique characters and story.
  • Tend the University Garden: Plant the mundane! Grow the arcane! Summon up clouds to bring forth the rain!
  • Every Song a Spell: Use the power of music to speak with the trees, enchant tools to work all by themselves, raise the earth to surmount natural impasses, and more!
  • Character Progression: As you gain experience in your adventures, choose from skills which will help you garden, trade, or acquire special abilities, like speaking to frogs!
  • A Lively World: Classes to attend, mysterious rumors, local drama, and bustling festivals — The students, staff, townsfolk, and spritely creatures of Glimmerwick have rich stories and lives.
  • Fully Voiced: Dialogue is brought to life with fantastic performances for every character major and minor.
  • Customizable Appearance: Choose how you look.
  • Extra Curricular Activities: There’s lots to do in Glimmerwick outside of classes – explore the island, try out for the mothracing team, dive for seashells, or join the Green Sprites on forest expeditions.

Check out that trailer right now and hold tight for launch at some point in 2023. In the meantime, wishlist the game on Steam.

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