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Ever fancied taking charge of a monkey, a horse, and a rhino, before taking them from a number of challenges all in order to discover the roots of their relationship? Yeah, us neither, but that’s exactly what is going on with the launch of Liquid Sunshine on Xbox One.

Available to purchase and download this moment from the Xbox Store for Xbox One, Liquid Sunshine comes about via the team at God As A Cucumber to provide some pretty unique puzzle-fuelled gameplay. Priced at £6.69, Liquid Sunshine is certainly not going to break the bank in cash terms, but it may well break you mentally as you are tasked with helping a monkey, a horse and a rhino traverse their way through multiple scenarios as safely as possible.

Presented with a glorious black and white art style that has been highly influenced by the likes of LIMBO, Liquid Sunshine certainly looks the part. It seems to play well too – at least if our Let’s Play down below is anything to go by – leaving you with the task of harnessing the power of each of the different characters, combining them where necessary, to ensure success is found.

Features include:

  • Comic Book
  • The three playable characters are a monkey, a horse and a rhino
  • Beautiful black and white art
  • Amazing soundtracks

Our full review of Liquid Sunshine on Xbox One will be up and live in the next few days but for now head on over to the Xbox Store, pay up that measly asking price and then get your download moving. It promises much, but for further selling of the premise feel free to give our recent Let’s Play a gander.

Edit: Our review of Liquid Sunshine on Xbox One is now live. Feel free to give it a read.

Game Description:

A beautiful casual puzzle adventure platformer inspired by games like Lost Vikings and Limbo. Lost Vikings met Sin City, or is it Fear&Loathing in Las Vegas? Guide a monkey, horse and a rhino through challenging puzzles, and discover the roots of their relationship through a full-blown comic book backstory. Each character has several abilities, and by combining their powers with one of their allies, they create a second tier of abilities. These will be necessary to get all three characters through the levels.

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