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Comparing CS:GO to the Other Shooters on the Market


The Battle Royale craze in gaming is a little bit annoying. I don’t know if that is just me, but this genre seems like a waste of time. You know, the kind of a game in which a large number of players (60 to 100) are dropped onto some deserted island completely unarmed. 

Upon landing, they all start running around looking for weapons, armor, and equipment in order to survive. They start either looking for a place to hide or tracking down their opponents. The last one that stays alive wins. 

A version of The Hunger Games which was a version of the 2000 Japanese cult movie “Battle Royale”. If this sounds like a fun game to you, it can be… If you don’t get sniped only 3 minutes into the game by a guy that’s hiding who knows where. This is not for me.

I am more of an old school gamer. Not that old, but old enough to remember the first few versions of Counter Strike. You know a legendary first-person shooter game!?

And don’t get me wrong, I like playing all kinds of video games, but shooters have always been the number one for me. I began my competitive gaming with… I think Counter Strike 1.2 and continued up to the version 1.6. 

This was a great game but then I went to COD MW, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, etc. Then this awful Battle Royale genre took all my out of my Discord and put some darn spell on them…

I Decided to go Back to CS:GO

Just at the time I was thinking about leaving the gaming industry for good and turning my focus towards some other aspects of entertainment, my best friend started talking about gambling in Counter Strike. He spoke about some CS:GO betting sites, and how he sold some of his skins, etc. That got my attention. I remembered that game. 

I remember playing the first Half Life as a kid, and really wanted to go back to that same feeling of tension when you are the only one left in your team and 5 other guys are lurking behind every single corner (or at the top of some wooden crate).

Run the Game

Me and my friend opened up Steam, downloaded CS:GO, and jumped straight in.

It took me a while to familiarize with the controls and get back up to speed. This was my first time playing any version of CS after 1.6 and I had forgotten almost everything. I tried to right-click to aim un-scoped weapons but NOPE! That thing doesn’t work in this game. And somehow, even though I played the last version of Counter Strike over… 12 years ago this game felt both alien to me and strangely familiar.

I continued playing for a few hours and actually rediscovered this great game. Yeah, it sometimes unrealistic and the graphics are not that good when compared to modern AAA shooters but good graphics don’t make a bad game good and vice versa.

There is something special with CS:GO. You can just pick it up, launch it and play. Today’s shooters are not like that. You have to play in regular basis to rise higher in ranks and unlock weapons. If you jump in occasionally, just like I do, then there is no way to keep up with the guys that have “golden eagles” attached to their names. You might be just as good as the other guy, but having to unlock this perk/ weapon or that, may mean losing 90% of your games.

The Mechanics

CS:GO has a long history and it hasn’t changed its core since those first versions I played as a kid. It is basically the same game I played in the early 2000s.

Nobody in this game cares if you play for hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days per year. The thing that matters the most is how fast you “drop” the opposite player and help your team win the game. Yet again, a much less skilled player could accidentally drop a flashbang, blind you and in the end even “knife you” since you wouldn’t see a damn thing.

As I am writing this I can’t get that Quake Arena sound out of my head “Humiliation”… Don’t know why…

The Only Modern Game That Is Comparable to CS:GO

Two of the most popular titles today in MOBA genre (tactical multiplayer first-person shooters) are Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and Rainbow Six Siege. Both games are in the same genre and are extremely popular.

R6 Siege and CS:GO are different from each other because they originated from two totally different games. CS:GO evolved from Half Life and R6 Siege came from Tom Clancy’s series of tactical shooters. 

R6 is more realistic than CS:GO. However, you can’t jump (nor bunny hop – duh), you can sprint, vault over obstacles, windows, and barricades, go prone, and use a rope to rappel down a building. You can’t destroy some walls, and there are no set routes.

CS:GO is also very tactical in its core nature, but it is “old school”. Movement is pretty standard – you can jump and crouch. The maps are very static and you can’t destroy anything except a couple of vents. But, the most important mechanic is the “buying system”. This well known mechanic let you play the game whenever you want, how long you want.

The Conclusion

CS:GO is way simpler than other shooter games. COD, Battlefield, R6 and others go for realism (weapon attachments, modern equipment, etc.). With every sequel of the game, other developers make their games more complex and are always trying to build their games “from scratch”. Developers from Valve (creator of the CS) only slightly improve their game when they feel like they should. That’s it. 

It is a simple game, with simple mechanics, but it is extremely hard to master. You don’t have any perks, scopes or some ultimate abilities. You don’t have any unlocks like you have in COD and Team Fortress 2. And it is required from you to master the mechanics of movement, and all kinds of spots for smokes/ nades.

Since the game does nothing to make you more powerful than you opponent, the only weapon you have is your wit. You have to outsmart your “enemies” in order to win.

Other shooters are also fun to play but none of them beats the egalitarian nature of CSGO.

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