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Cooperative gaming experiences are fast becoming the norm, with many developers deciding upon that route in order to enhance what is otherwise a singular experience. But with TwinCop, cooperation is the only way to get by, as you and a mate team up to take control of a twin-stick shooting super-cop, combining your skills and working together to take on the dastardly crims.

TwinCop on Xbox One is available to purchase and download right this very minute, and should you wish to get involved with this twin-sticker, will have to stump up £12.49 for the gaming privilege.

In order to enjoy everything that TwinCop contains though you will have to be able to grab a mate for fun and games too, as this is a game that plays on the biggest cooperative moments ever, with you both taking charge of the exact same super-cop at the exact same time. See, locally split and sitting beside each other on the sofa, one controller controls one half of this Robocop, whilst the other takes charge of the other. As you would expect to hear, should you move in different directions, your cop guy will be a sitting duck, unable to move.

But get working as a team and start shouting out commands and this is where TwinCop comes into its own, with you delicately defusing bombs, and manically chasing bad guys through the crime ridden streets. What’s more, when you do get things working in the right direction, moving will not just keep you safe, but will ensure your health levels rise, and your super powerful special ability starts to come into its own.

With multiple elite members of the Twin Cities police force ready and willing for action, the only issue you will have is finding a friend who you can trust and rely on. But do that, and the whole TwinCop premise promises a hugely fun, massively intereactive affair.

To get your download moving, the Xbox Store should be taken in. It is there where TwinCop on Xbox One is found and it is there where congratulatory fist-bumping celebrations will take hold.

Our full review of how TwinCop plays out will be with you fairly soon so keep an eye out for it should you wish to know more. For now though, tell your mate that Robocop needs their help. They’ll be unable to refuse the invitation.

Game Description:

Grab a friend and two controllers and get ready for the MOST COOPERATIVE GAME EVER. In this inventive top-down twin-stick shooter, you and a friend control the SAME character! STORY MODE: ABSURD 80s SATIRE You and your partner were the best cops in the greater Twin Cities metropolitan area until a horrific pontoon boat accident nearly killed you. The police department took half of each of your mangled bodies and combined them together using the latest technology to save your lives, combining you into one super-cop: TwinCop. You and your partner now each control half of the same body, so you’ll really need to be in sync with one another if you’re going to survive. What truly happened with that pontoon boat accident? Who is funding the war on these streets? What does the PopTop Corporation (creators of the delicious and healthy PopTop Drink) have to do with any of this? CUSTOMIZE YOUR COP Over 25+ character combinations to try! Choose one of the eight most elite members of the Twin Cities police force, each with their own unique special ability. Try to match up abilities for maximum carnage! Who will you choose? WORK TOGETHER Both of you control movement, so that means communication with your other half is key. Move in OPPOSITE directions, and TwinCop will go nowhere. Move in the SAME direction, and you will move swiftly and heal yourselves. Moving together is the ONLY way to heal, and it also charges your combined super ability, Twinsanity, which slows down time and really lets you gain the upper hand in tough situations. HILARIOUS MINIGAMES When you’re TwinCop, everyday tasks become quite difficult. Defuse bombs by cooperatively cutting wires, chase bad guys through busy intersections, fist bump yourselves after a job well done. You’ll never take these tasks for granted ever again. ***THIS GAME IS BEST WITH 2 LOCAL PLAYERS AND 2 CONTROLLERS ***

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