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It’s safe to say that cricket in the virtual world has been left as a bit of an outcast when compared to other sports. But when Cricket 19 released back in, well, 2019, fans of the sport were at least able to take in a game that was able to recreate the feel of the game well. Now though Cricket 19 is pushing on and with the addition of the Ultimate Edition DLC we see a ton of new players join the field of play, alongside the arrival of The Hundred, the Caribbean Premier League and more. 

Available to purchase and download right now, the Cricket 19 Ultimate Edition DLC will set you back a mere £9.99, yet for that outlay you’ll discover a whole ton of new content that is able to bring your base game of Cricket 19 right up to date. 

You’ll obviously need that base game in hand prior to purchasing this add-on, but should you be a fan of ball on willow and need to get a cricket fix this summer, now is probably as good a time as any to get involved. 

The Ultimate Edition DLC for Cricket 19 does much; in fact, we’d say it does more than the low asking price will have you believe. You see, not only does it add in a host of brand new players to the game – with more than 200 fully licensed folk all detailed and added to the in-game roster – but with the arrival of The Hundred and the Caribbean Premier League too, it should well mean this is now up there with the finest cricket titles available on console. 

With those new competitions come new stadia and the Ultimate Edition DLC adds in 10 new options – all 8 of The Hundred teams will be able to play at their home stadium, whilst the CPL experience comes complete with seven fields of play there too. 

When you then throw in the fact that Cricket 19 is capable of hosting both mens and womens matches and that you’ll be able to draft your own fantasy The Hundred team, and things just get better still. 

Cricket 19 Ultimate Edition DLC is sold as being able to take the greatest cricket competitions and rivalries to a whole new level and we’d not dispute that fact. If you wish to find out whether or not it does actually make such a difference to the base game, get over to the digital store of your choosing and gather up the fairly cheap Ultimate Edition DLC download

You’ll find Cricket 19 playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. And once you do get hands on with the DLC, let us know if Big Ant Studios have hit it for six by leaving your thoughts in the comments. 

DLC Description:

The Greatest Simulation Of Cricket Gets The Ultimate Upgrade With more ways to play, hundreds of new officially licensed players, the ECB’s thrilling new The Hundred competition and the Caribbean Premier League, Cricket 19 Ultimate Edition DLC takes the greatest cricket competitions and rivalries to a new level. You will be able draft a fantasy The Hundred team, and then take your dream team to the pitch to prove that you have got the best team in the competition. And if that isn’t enough all-new, big-hitting action for you, Cricket 19 Ultimate Edition DLC also includes the full CPL, giving you the chance to duke it out with the world’s best on the official Caribbean ovals for the first time.

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