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Deep, dark and utterly harrowing, Martha is Dead has now been confirmed for an Xbox Series X and PC launch in 2021.

Developed by those at LKA – previously behind The Town of Light – and picked up for publishing rights by the Wired Productions team, Martha is Dead promises to be an utterly haunting next gen affair that whisks us way back to 1944. It is here where the body of a woman has been found, drowned and desecrated, left by the side of a lake in the depths of an Italian countryside. Yep, Martha is dead, and now her twin sister must deal with the fallout from her murder, all whilst the horror of war draws ever closer.

Set to drop in 2021, Martha Is Dead looks set to build on LKA’s signature style of deep multi-layered narratives, combining multiple real world locations, and managing to drop in links to historical events, superstition, folklore, and deep psychological distress. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, if you’re looking for a proper next-gen horror experience then this looks set to be it, delivering an incredible visual experience that blurs the boundaries between gaming and reality.

Played out in the first person, in Martha Is Dead, players will witness this dark period of history through the eyes of a young woman who seeks the truth, but who also has secrets of her own to hide.

“After two years of development, we’re happy to start unveiling more information about Martha is Dead,” says Leo Zullo, Managing Director, Wired Productions. “The range of Wired releases continues to grow, and our aim is to always publish incredible games with undeniable quality that deserve to be played. It’s a journey that started with our signing of The Town of Light in 2016, so to continue to support LKA and the studio’s storytelling is something I’m very happy Wired has been able to do.”

“At LKA, we start with a story. Often it’s uncomfortable, not painless and based in truth. We learned a lot with The Town of Light, and Martha is Dead is taking everything we know, and turning it up to 10,” adds Luca Dalco, Founder & Director, LKA.

He continued, “Martha is Dead is set in a really interesting and distressing period of history, with Italy at this time torn between two major powers fighting for the future. Martha’s brutal murder brings with it a mirrored sense of misery. This game will shock, make players question the truth and like The Town of Light, help continue a conversation around subject matters that still carry much stigma.”

Martha is Dead will launch in 2021 on Xbox Series X and PC but if you’re wanting to know more, the most recent trailer is right below. Give it a watch and then head over to the Steam page to Wishlist it.

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