Ready for a new take on the visual novel genre? VLG and Studio V are coming together to bring Dark Renaissance to PC and console next year. And it’s gearing up to be something pretty special.

Dark Renaissance promises to become a bit of a visual novel epic when it drops on PC and console (including Nintendo Switch apparently), next year, with the narrative skills of VLG, the thrilling moments provided by Studio V, a script penned by acclaimed international bestselling author Matteo Strukul – the Italian Master of Historical Fiction – and a score from award-winning composer David Logan, seeing the title blend together RPG moments with period pieces and graphic novels. Together they should be able to depict the adventures of a Venetian mercenary who must uncover the shocking secrets hidden behind the scientific, artistic and cultural achievements of the 15th century Renaissance.

Set to release in 2021, Dark Renaissance is set in a world where traces of the Middle Ages can still be found in an age of beauty and enlightenment. Playing as the protagonist Marco Badoer, a legendary warmonger whose life was shaped by the bloody battlefields of Transylvania, you must protect the economic interests of Lorenzo de’ Medici as his reign is threatened by the mystical Orphic Hymns in iconic cities like Venice and Florence.

Expect to be delivered a host of deep lore, dynamic quick time events, strategic duels, skill and upgrade systems, side quests, historically accurate mini-games and encounters with illustrious figures like Marsilio Ficino and Leonardo da Vinci, all as you learn more about the grittier side of the Italian Renaissance.

Oh, and just to round things off, there will be multiple endings for visual novel fans to explore.

dark renaissance fight

“Studio V is hard at work weaving an intricate web of political conspiracies and moral dilemmas for visual novel fans to sink their teeth into next year,” says Daniele Falcone, General Manager at VLG. “From what we’ve seen so far, DARK RENAISSANCE is set to reshape our definition of interactive storytelling through its unique portrayal of historically accurate events, many of which continue to inspire dark fantasy authors around the world today.”

Game features include:

  • The darkest and grittiest Renaissance epic ever built in a game
  • A massive historical tale set across the war-torn landscapes of Italy
  • Explore world-famous landmarks such as Venice, Florence and the mysterious swamps of Northern Italy
  • Meet the rockstars of the Renaissance: Leonardo, the Medici’s Family and many other icons of European history
  • Hundreds of opportunities for character development, romance and social linking
  • Unique staged combat sequences blending opera and brutal RPG action
  • A deep housing system to enjoy luxury, drugs, gambling and the notorious Italian lifestyle
  • An original symphonic score mixing and matching ancient and modern styles

If you’re up for getting your teeth into something big, then Dark Renaissance may well provide it. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as to how things play out leading up to launch in 2021, but for now the trailer below will sort you out.

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