vegas tales on xbox

Las Vegas: lights, action, casinos! Vegas Tales is on Xbox and PC. 

The life of a casino owner in Las Vegas must be a pretty crazy one, but in Vegas Tales it seems that life has gone a bit too quickly for the owner of the Bellflower Casino Hotel. The owner is terminally ill, and has missed all of his opportunities to seek out a proper heir to inherit and manage his pride and joy going forward. It just so happens that he appoints you, dear player, so buckle in for some job interviews like no other.

Now available for a playthrough on Xbox One, Series X|S and PC, Vegas Tales is an FMV title; a genre that has seen a mini resurgence in recent times with Wales Interactive leading the line with titles such as Bloodshore and Night Book. Vegas Tales follows the same route gameplay-wise – watch some video clips (of which there are 200), and make decisions based on these that will shape the story going forward. Here, the main decisions regard who you choose to be the next owner of the Bellflower, and believe me when I say there are a real range of characters, from the calm and collected to crazy and chaotic. The phrase “Have you ever tried sleeping in a coffin?” springs to mind. 

Within each interview, you will be asking questions regarding the candidates’ experience of the Bellflower, and following up on their answers in order to make the best decision possible. FMV Interactive expects a playthrough to last as long as the average movie – perfect for an evening – but of course repeat playthroughs are encouraged to find different outcomes.

If you think you’d be the perfect person to pick the heir to one of Vegas’ biggest casinos, then pick up a copy of Vegas Tales for £10.74 on the Xbox Store. That is, of course, you are playing on Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One. Vegas Tales is also available on PC.

Game Description:

The owner of the fabulous Bellflower Casino Hotel in Las Vegas is terminally ill. Having devoted his life to running his hotel, he never made time for family or friends. With no obvious heir, he’s hired you to help him choose the right person to inherit the Bellflower. He narrowed his list of candidates down to a small group of people who have strong personal connections to the hotel, but whom he knows little else about. They’ve agreed to be interviewed by you under the pretense that you’re writing a book about the Bellflower Hotel. None of them know what’s truly at stake. It’s up to you to get to know these people and determine which of them is most worthy of inheriting the Bellflower. This will be no easy task, as the group contains some unique and memorable characters who will make your decision quite difficult. Be careful though, as there may be more to some than meets the eye. Interview unique and memorable characters through interactive conversations to determine who is best suited to inherit the resort. Ask them questions and follow up by asking about any topics they mention. Game contains 200 video clips in total. An individual playthrough should only take about as long as watching an average length movie.

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