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We know exactly how this pans out – we purchase Football Manager 2023, get it downloaded on our device of choice and then lose hours, days, weeks and months to the addiction it brings. And we can’t wait for that to happen. 

One of the most compulsive, compelling, utterly moreish of video games, Football Manager returns with a 2023 edition that once again promises to rip into your life. 

From the SEGA and Sports Interactive teams, FM23 comes in a couple of styles, with the PC version of Football Manager 2023 accompanied by the Xbox edition in the form of Football Manager 2023 Console. Expect it to be dropping onto PlayStation and PS5 in the weeks ahead (just as soon as Sony’s approval process allows. 

But hey, we’re here for the Xbox edition of the game and following on from Football Manager 2021 and Football Manager 2022, FM23 promises to allow the chance for you to work your magic, taking your beloved team/s (plural if you so wish) to the very top of the football tree. Delving deep into the micro-management will be key here, as you switch out players, drag in as many Erling Haalands as you possibly can and hope to out-muscle and out-score the opposition. 

Of course, you could just attempt to lift a variety of trophies by playing the beautiful game, or working the press, or, well, you get the drill – Football Manager 2023 will let you play as you see fit. 

Running a £39.99 price tag on Xbox, we’re sure that many will be found losing hours to Football Manager once again, but with the push into Game Pass on Day One, there’s going to be even more players proving their worth than ever before. We’re on that train too and you can be sure of a full review of Football Manager 2023 Console via Xbox Series X|S very soon. 

Don’t just think this is a copy and paste job from last year either, FM23 Console adds in all of the following new features…

  • UEFA CLUB COMPETITIONS – Experience a greater sense of occasion with the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Europa Conference League all fully licensed. With an authentic Matchday experience and remodelled Cup Draws, those Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights will feel even more special.
  • BECOME A DIFFERENCE MAKER – Make your voice heard with the introduction of Team Talks. Use a wide range of reactions at half-time and full-time to motivate and fire up your players, and get your message across when your players need it the most.
  • CONTROL YOUR MATCHDAY – Make game-changing tactical tweaks with your Xbox controller thanks to an enhanced UI and improved accessibility. Manage every moment with a matchday experience that immerses you in the heart of the on-pitch drama.
  • PLAY THE GAME YOUR WAY – Our new onboarding flow will ensure you get the right level of detail and responsibilities in every career. Whether you’re new to the digital dugout or an experienced manager, FM23 Console is the most tailored edition yet thanks to a number of accessibility changes.
  • CELEBRATE YOUR SUCCESS – Track your progress with the arrival of the Dynamic Manager Timeline, a visualisation of your career achievements that grows as you reach the top of the game.

So, Football Manager 2023 Console is here – what are you waiting for? Go and grab the download you need from the Xbox Store right now. 

It’s also on PC (with PC Game Pass capabilities too), and there’s FM23 Mobile should you prefer the smaller screens. 

Game Description:

Football Manager 2023 Console focuses on football’s most important areas – the transfer market, the tactics board and the pitch. Whether you’re chasing promotions, winning titles or dominating your friends online, play the beautiful game your way. In perfect sync with the Xbox controller, FM23 harnesses the power of Microsoft’s Play Anywhere technology to enable you to keep your career on the move across both console and Windows 10 PC with the same Xbox Live profile.

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