Want to experience the most transformative moment in the history of Destiny 2? The Forsaken – Legendary Collection is coming!

Bungie, High Moon Studios and Activison have today got together to reveal that Destiny 2: Forsaken – Legendary Collection will be hitting Xbox One, PS4 and PC players come September 4th 2018, letting those who wish to experience everything Destiny 2 has to offer be able to do so in one easy sitting.

It will include no less than 4 epic adventures, all in one Legendary collection, with Destiny 2, Destiny 2: Expansion I: Curse of Osiris, Destiny 2: Expansion II: Warmind, and Destiny 2: Forsaken, all included.

This will be the largest expansion to the Destiny 2 experience yet, and at launch, the Legendary Collection will also include a character boost that allows gamers the option to jump right to the latest adventure – that of Forsaken. What’s more, those wanting to experience Destiny 2 and its current expansions immediately need just drop a quick pre-purchase of the digital Legendary Collection in, as that includes the ability to play the game right away.

In Forsaken, players take justice into their own hands as they pursue vengeance for fallen mentor, the Hunter Vanguard Cayde-6. Over the course of this adventure, players will have the opportunity to explore new regions, unlock new abilities, earn a wealth of powerful new weapons, and discover lost Awoken secrets. Players who pre-order Destiny 2: Forsaken – Legendary Collection today will receive a suite of special rewards to commemorate the last stand of one of the most memorable characters from the game. Cayde’s Exotic Stash pre-order bonus includes a unique exotic weapon ornament for his iconic Ace of Spaces hand cannon, Cayde’s ship, an exotic gunslinger-themed emote, and shaders of Cayde to decorate any piece of armor with his colors.

“Perfect for players joining the Destiny 2 universe or one of the veterans seeking revenge for Cayde-6, the Legendary Collection gives players access to all the great Destiny 2 content in one place.” said Byron Beede, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Destiny at Activision. He added, “With secrets to discover, and an epic hunt at the forefront, Destiny 2: Forsaken is a great chapter to jump into the Destiny story.”

But that’s not all and also available will be the Destiny 2: Forsaken – Complete Collection, which offers the most comprehensive Destiny 2: Forsaken experience for new, returning, and veteran players, coming complete with the Destiny 2: Forsaken Annual Pass. This is promising to deliver players more of what they want more frequently, with a regular stream of post launch content. That will mean Annual Pass holders will have access to three premium content drops – the Black Armory coming in Winter 2018, Joker’s Wild in Spring 2019, and Penumbra in the Summer of 2019.

Should you be gaming on PS4, then you will also find access to exclusive content for Forsaken, which includes an exclusive ship, an exotic weapon, armor sets, and a Strike, with all being timed exclusive until at least Fall 2019.

Will the addition of Forsaken see you heading back to Destiny 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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