Resident Evil Village Winters Expansion Xbox

Just when you thought it was safe to start simping on Lady Dimitrescu again, she is back with a vengeance to remind you that scary nine-feet tall vampire ladies are not to be trifled with. But, as the latest trailer for the upcoming Resident Evil: Village Winters’ Expansion will show you, you can experience her power first-hand as a playable character.

Firstly, this new trailer gives us a look at the upcoming story DLC called Shadows of Rose. Set 16 years after the events of Resident Evil: Village, you play as Ethan’s daughter Rosemary. Her kidnapping kicked off the whole story for Resident Evil: Village, so hopefully this new scenario ties everything up nicely.

The new trailer also introduces us to third person mode. Switching to a first-person perspective for Resident Evil VII and Village was a major departure from the norm. This new camera mode is for the entirety of the main story and offers players a unique way to experience the terror.

But undoubtedly the main attractive of the Winters’ Expansion is The Mercenaries Additional Orders content. This will feature three new playable characters: Chris Redfield, Lord Heisenberg and of course, Lady D. Each one will have their own unique abilities including Chris’s punching attacks, Heisenberg’s contraptions and Lady Dimitrescu’s deadly talons. These attacks can be taken on the two new stages as well: Bloody Village and Bloody River. Additional Orders also brings several gameplay improvements to The Mercenaries mode as a whole.

The full trailer can be viewed below:

Pre-orders have already started for the Winters’ Expansion and Resident Evil Village Gold Edition – that will contain the base game and the expansion – on the Xbox Store. Resident Evil: Village Gold Edition is available for £39.99 and the Winters’ Expansion will cost you £15.99. Pre-orders also come with the Street Wolf Outfit for Rose in the Shadows of Rose portion. Don’t forget, Resident Evil Re:Verse also launches on the same day too, and is still included in the Gold Edition and base game.

Does this give you enough time to pluck up the courage for a return to Resident Evil Village? Or, like me, are you still having nightmares over just whatever that baby thing was? Let us know in the comments below!

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