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If 2D vertical platforming is your bag, then eastasiasoft have got your back, delivering the wonderful Pity Pit to Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. 

Running with a totally unique take on the usual retro platforming action that we have fast become accustomed to, Pity Pit spins things around by taking on a vertical pathway through a number of old mines. You – as the brilliantly named Oratio the Dwarf – must dig with shovels, mine with pickaxes and destroy the terrain with devastating bombs in order to clear a path to safety.

Pity Pit comes with a mere £4.19 price tag in hand, currently discounted to £3.35, but for that money you’ll discover 5 levels full of obstacles and challenges, with them changing up every single time you play. With a nifty little design and a huge range of replayability promised, it seems like this is another of those good old eastasiasoft titles that represent brilliant value for money – just like Many Faces: Console Edition that released very recently. 

pity pit screenshot 1

Features include:

  • Dig your way down through procedurally generated caves.
  • Use pickaxes and shovels to navigate various block types.
  • Mine ores to craft powerful tools and dangerous bombs!
  • Collect random power-ups along the way.
  • Dare to face 5 levels of hardcore challenge.
  • Confront the Devil Johnson to rescue Oratio’s wife!

Pity Pit runs with a super cheap price point and that in itself is likely to ensure much temptation is to be had. If you are sold on the premise of digging, digging and digging some more, head on over to your favoured digital store and pick up a copy. We’d not be doing our job properly if we didn’t send you scuttling towards the Xbox Store, but those preferring the PS4 and Nintendo Switch way of life should also be well catered for.

Let us know if you pick it up – the comments section is below.

Game Description:

Dig your doom! Procedural 2D platforming goes vertical as you dig, mine, craft and bomb your way downward! Take the role of Oratio, a Dwarf who enjoys hanging around the mines with his dear wife, until a demon spawns from a nearby pit and carries her away! Now it’s a race through the mines to get her back. Can you save Gwendoline from the Devil Johnson?

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