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It’s Week 11 since DiRT Rally 2.0 released on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, and that means another content drop is arriving for racers across the globe. Fancy taking in the Germany Rally?

First detailed by Codemasters when they announced their Season 1 post-launch content plans, the Germany Rally is the 5th DLC addition to hit the game since launch, and the last of Season 1.

As you may expect, the Germany Rally brings yet another challenge to DiRT Rally 2.0, doing away with the ice racing found in the recently released Sweden Rally, and instead giving racers the chance to check out the tarmac of Baumholder. It is here where you’ll find fast, flowing, highly technical tarmac-fulled stages of rally racing, as you put yourself and your skills against the clock once more.

Priced up at just £3.19, or available as part of the DiRT Rally 2.0 Digital Deluxe Edition, the Germany Rally will be accessible through all of the My Team, Custom Championships and Time Trial sections of the game.

Of course, with the arrival of this last piece of Season 1 content, eyes now start to turn to Season 2 and with events taking us to Wales and Latvia, and a host of new cars dropping into play, the DiRT Rally 2.0 experience is certainly not done yet. In fact, it’s just getting started!

If you wish to see this latest Rally content added into your game, head on over to the digital store of your choosing – the Xbox Store would be a good start – and add it in to your game. You’ll obviously need the base game to hand prior to even considering a purchase, but like our review says, DiRT Rally 2.0 is pretty much a must-buy.

DLC Description:

Germany presents a tarmac challenge like no other. Race through the flowing, technical tarmac stages of Baumholder, a returning region from the original DiRT Rally. Germany Rally will be accessible through My Team, Custom Championships and Time Trial.


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