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Two Halloween-lite confections arrive on Game Pass today. They are Costume Quest (Cloud and Console) and Eville (Console and PC).

This is not Costume Quest’s first rodeo on Game Pass. It’s been here before, but you would suspect that Double Fine’s new owners, Microsoft, had a say in getting it back on the service. It’s also reasonably well timed, not only because of the proximity to Halloween, but because a new Monkey Island game, Return to Monkey Island, has launched on systems other than the Xbox, so this might serve to plug the gap in the meantime. Designer Tim Schafer was one of the creators behind Monkey Island, after all.

Costume Quest is a lightweight RPG set in Auburn Falls, a small American town that feels reminiscent of any Stephen King book or movie, as well as the more recent Stranger Things. Monsters have done a spot of overrunning, and it’s down to you and your friends, in elaborate costumes, to take them down in turn-based battles. It’s funny as heck, easy to get to grips with, and well worth completing if, somehow, you haven’t played it until now.

Arriving day-one onto the Game Pass service is Eville. Developed by VestGames with Versus Evil running publishing, this is a social deduction game very much in the vein of Werewolves and Among Us. Up to twelve players can play at a time, and a game begins with roles being allocated. You can be a villager – of which there are many different roles – or you can be a conspirator. As a conspirator, your aim is to kill people and get away with it. As a villager, you need to stop that from happening. 

At the end of each day, a potential conspirator is lynched by the mob, so everyone should choose wisely. Those that are killed don’t just get to watch: they can float around as ghosts, causing their own merry havoc. We’ve talked to developers Versus Evil about Eville, and we can say with some confidence that this is a game that will tear relationships apart. 

There are more delicacies on the way in October, ready to fill your trick and treat bags in October. Dyson Sphere Program (PC) is out on October 13th; Scorn (Cloud, Console and PC) on October 14th; A Plague Tale: Requiem (Cloud, Console and PC) and Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed (Console and PC) on October 18th; Norco (Console and PC) on October 20th); Persona 5: Royal (Cloud, Console and PC) on October 25th; while Gunfire Reborn (Console) and Signalis (Cloud, Console and PC) will launch on October 27th. 

As is customary, there are also a few games leaving the service. On October 15th, we bid fond farewell to Bloodroots (Console, PC, Cloud), Echo Generation (Console, PC, Cloud), Into The Pit (Console, PC, Cloud), Ring of Pain (Console, PC, Cloud), Sable (Console, PC, Cloud) and The Good Life (Console, PC, Cloud).

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