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HandyGames have provided players with all manner of gaming goodies over the years, with the likes of Townsmen – A Kingdom Rebuilt and Rebel Cops recently having delivered a variety of different options. Today though it is all about their partnership with the development team at Octato, along with the announcement of a new Metroidvania styled platformer, Airhead.

Coming to Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC in 2021, Airhead sees you join the main protagonist Body, and his organism friend Head, as they embark on a journey through a Metroidvania styled world.

It all kicks off and sees the adventure begin as you join Body, who witnesses the tragic separation of Head and his air-pumping heart by an unknown machine. As the heart is taken away, Body jumps into action to save the abandoned Head, and from there on out it is left to you to utilise the air tanks scattered around the world to keep Head inflated. Doing so will mean you get to uncover the true connection behind the stolen heart and the technology that litters your dystopian world.

If you’re up for getting your head wrapped around some unique mechanics and are ready to experience some brave exciting gameplay, all while collecting sweet upgrades, then Airhead is looking likely to be something to keep your eyes on, as you dive into deep dark caverns, explore ancient structures and survive an industrial dystopia.

Throwing in a beautiful art style helps, and while being filled with a sense of responsibility and urgency to help your friend, you’ll discover a heavy focus on puzzle solving, with the unusual challenge requiring you to use your Head and Body both separately and together.

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“We are incredibly happy to become a part of the HandyGames family. Their devotion to games and the people who play them has been clear from the start and we’re confident that HandyGames are the right people to help us share Airhead with the world.” – Jacob Honore (CEO and Producer, Octato)

“I’m very happy to support Octato on this awesome exploration platformer, that will deliver an incredible atmosphere with constant challenges and a very unique companionship between a body and his head.” – Reinhard Döpfer (Producer, HandyGames)

Key features include:

  • An immersive 2.5D platform experience in a Metroidvania-style world
  • A beautiful art style, embracing bold color and bleak shadow
  • Challenging puzzles must be solved by clever use of Head and Body’s synergy
  • Loads of powerful upgrades that open doors to new areas
  • A personal story of companionship, discovery, and responsibility
  • A myriad of creatures and machines to hinder or help you on your adventure

Airhead will be available in 2021 for Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC. Hit up the trailer below and then let us know our thoughts.


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