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Over the course of the last four weeks we’ve seen Hunt: Showdown players given a host of new in-game options, with the arrival of the Blood and Bones Bundle. This pack has already delivered two great DLC packs, and now it concludes with the final piece – the Double or Nothing pack. 

Available to add into your Hunt: Showdown game right now, the Double or Nothing pack is the third and final addition to the Blood and Bones Bundle, accompanying the previously available Crossroads and The Revenant packs. 

Priced at £6.69 as an individual purchase, or available to those who have grabbed the full bundle for £16.24, the Double or Nothing pack gives access to three new dual wielding weapons – the Dead Ringers, the Dusk and Dawn and the Jekyll and Hyde. And it’s not just the brilliant names that will ensure you want this kit in your life – they are sure to give you an upper-hand in your fight through Hunt: Showdown. 

With the base game in place, a quick visit to the Xbox Store – or your own favoured store should you prefer life away from the Xbox eco-system – will see you able to grab the Double or Nothing pack. Unless of course, as mentioned, you’ve already bought the Blood and Bone Bundle, in which case the magic of the interwebs will see you already having access. 

Let us know in the comments if you decide to jump back in to Hunt: Showdown with the latest DLC. If not, why not?

DLC Description:

Double or Nothing includes three dual wield weapons: – Dead Ringers (dual wield weapon) – Dusk and Dawn (dual wield weapon) – Jekyll and Hyde (dual wield weapon)

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