Hunt Showdown The Revenant

Need more from Hunt: Showdown? The Revenant is here!

With any competitive first person affair, getting the upper-hand is all part of the process. And whilst Hunt: Showdown has been able to deliver a fair old whack of gaming goodness since it first launched back in 2019, it has been the introduction of numerous content packs that have really helped it gain a foothold. Today that content is increased with the inclusion of The Revenant DLC.

Priced at £5.79 from the Xbox Store for Xbox One, Hunt: Showdown – The Revenant is a fairly cheap way of ensuring that your A-game is delivered, providing players of Hunt: Showdown the opportunity to enjoy a new character, and his weapon.

As the name suggests, it is The Revenant who you will be finding added to your game should you decide to pick up this latest content pack, and with him comes his weapon of choice – Caldwell Snake Eyes. Promising to ensure that you get one-up on the opposition as you play through the dark, rather twisted, PvP and PvE bounty hunting experience, The Revenant DLC really should become instantly appealing to those who frequent the game.

You will obviously need the base game to hand in order to enjoy anything that Hunt: Showdown delivers, but chances are that if you’re reading this, you have already been hands-on with it. This Revenant DLC isn’t just available at that £5.79 price though and if you had previously purchased the Blood & Bones Pack in the hope that you could get access to additional content at a cheap asking price, you should be sorted. It is that pack which includes this new DLC plus the Crossroads piece that came before it.

As always, let us know in the comments below if you will be picking up this latest pack to arrive in Hunt: Showdown. And if not, why not?

DLC Description:

The Revenant DLC includes the irascible gambler of legend and his weapon

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