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What do you get when Rataliaka Games combine one of the best visual novels (Coffee Talk) with one of the best RPGs of recent time (Cyberpunk 2077)? You get Caffeine: Victoria’s Legacy – a cyberpunk spin on the homely, coffee-infused visual novel that has much deeper, darker secrets beneath the surface…

Caffeine: Victoria’s Legacy is indeed that game, and puts players smack-bang in the middle of Victoria, which is kinda this cyberpunk world’s interpretation of Dubai, where instead of oil it is coffee that makes the world go round. 

Releasing today on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch, you’ll be following the story of Taka, who decides to open up a humble coffee shop in Victoria, as a distraction from attempting to locate his missing mother, and falling into this parallel universe. All in a day’s work, eh?

In classic visual novel style, the core gameplay on offer here consists of talking, and a lot of it. In fact, there are multiple different endings to achieve, for each of the four romancable characters at play (and what would be a visual novel if we couldn’t romance some folk?). You’ll find yourself greeting a number of characters into your shop, and getting to know them and how they fit into Victoria, gradually uncovering secrets regarding the city, and of Taka himself. 

Ultimately, Caffeine tells a story of greed, as it is the coffee that infuses you, granting drinkers with magical powers. Soon, however, the coffee supply will dry up, leaving those addicted to its effects worthless. It’s certainly an interesting take on what is usually quite a comforting, heart-warming subject!

According to the game’s Steam page (the game has been available on PC since 2020), Caffeine contains the following features:

  • Story-Rich – Over 25 hours of gameplay with four romanceable routes and one true ending. Rich in lore and coffee trivia!
  • Choice Matters – Hundreds of choices to make, from the quirky to ones that matter.
  • Dozens of endings – Explore the dozens of possible endings in this 450,000 words visual novel.
  • Animated Sprites & CGs – All sprites are animated. More than 10 animated CG scenes.
  • Original Music Composition – Over 20 OSTs, including an opening and ending theme song.
  • Partially Voiced Characters – Over 1000+ lines of voiced dialogue during Intro and CG Scenes

Fancy helping Taka figure out just what the hell is going on in Victoria? Caffeine: Victoria’s Legacy is now available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Switch. For Xbox players, you can pick up a copy for £14.99, from the Xbox Store.

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