We have a confession to make… there are two new tracks to add to the massive Rock Band 4 DLC library and they are unequivocally indie.

The first of the two DLC tracks comes from American indie pop band Blondfire and straight off their True Confessions EP album. The other one is a part of The Shelters’ self-titled debut album, showing off their indie rock talents.

The following new tracks are now available to purchase and download, on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, for the price of £1.59 each:

As usual, all you need to do should you wish to add these new tracks to your own personal Rock Band 4 or Rock Band Rivals library, is to make your way over to the Xbox Games Store, or alternatively, PlayStation gamers can find it on their own respective store.

Are you going to enjoy the indie vibe of these latest tracks? Make sure you let us know your thoughts on this latest Rock Band 4 downloadable content in the comments below, in the forums, or on social media.

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