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Earn easy Xbox Gamerscore and achievements thanks to the games of September 2021


As the nights begin to draw in, the days get colder and the seasons change. But there are still some easy to grab Xbox achievements and Gamersore numbers to be unlocked. And as the big releases have ramped up through September, it’s time to take a look at what delights those releases offered for Gamerscore hunters in the month just gone. A number of these games are available for free through Xbox Game Pass too, so you won’t even need to open the wallet…

Final Fantasy XIII – 15G – Instrument of Fate

final fantasy xiii

As I continue my crusade to convince the world that Final Fantasy XIII is one of the best Final Fantasy games out there, its inclusion into Xbox Game Pass this month allows me to continue my manifesto in the columns of TheXboxHub a little bit more.

Announced as arriving on Xbox Game Pass back at the end of 2019, Final Fantasy XIII finally arrived along with some other recent additions to the subscription service. JRPGs are typically stingy at best when it comes to achievements and Final Fantasy XIII is no different, but there is at least one freebie on offer here.

After starting a new game, the opening cutscenes will follow, before pitting you against a dangerous looking Manasvin Warmech. It is however, a pushover. Add to this the fact this is the tutorial battle for the excellent battle system in Final Fantasy XIII and you really shouldn’t have any issues. Whittle down its HP and as your journey begins, you will be awarded 15G. Then please, continue playing and enjoying.

Surgeon Simulator 2 – 2 for 200G – An Ideal Patient and Quacked Ribs

surgeon simulator 2 xbox

For a game with such a purposefully bad control scheme, there are some nasty achievements in Surgeon Simulator 2. There are also some rather easy ones if you are willing to stick with it. The two we have on offer here are worth a juicy 100G a piece.

The first one – An Ideal Patient – comes very early on in the tutorial when you first summon your patient, Bob. Poor Bob is about to go through the ringer with the amount of organ and appendage transplants he is about to be subjected to, but a 100G achievement should help sweeten the deal.

The second achievement – Quacked Ribs – requires a bit more effort, but not much. In the second part of the tutorial, you will see a rubber duck. Pick it up – if you can – and head towards Bob with it in your hand. The achievement description will ask you to place the duck in Bob’s chest cavity after you have removed the ribs, but you can simply hold it near him and it should still unlock. Good luck to you though if you are planning on getting the remaining 800G, you will need a lot of patients. And patience.

Catlateral Damage: Remeowstered – 40G – Big Meowth

catlateral damage remeowstered

Normally, asking you to input 100 button presses for an achievement isn’t what we are looking for with these easy achievement lists. However, when the 100 presses are the same button and it offers 40G, we can make an exception.

In Catlateral Damage: Remeowstered, X is the button you use to grab items with or to eat. If there is nothing in your vicinity to grab though, you cat avatar will meow. And if you don’t move from this safe space with nothing around you, meow 99 more times and unlock the 40G achievement for Big Meowth. It works out at 0.4G per meow if you’re interested.

A Day Without Me – 50G – Access Granted

a day without me

The entire 1000G in A Day Without Me can be unlocked within 20 minutes and whilst we’ve covered entire achievement lists in these rundowns, they can only qualify if they come in at 19 minutes and 59 seconds or under. I don’t make the rules. Or do I? Are there even rules for a list of easy achievements?

Either way, close, but no cigar.

The opening achievement though should give you an indication as to how easy the rest of the list is. After waking up, you hear a strange noise coming from somewhere in your house. It’s coming from the PC in the bedroom to the left of yours. The bedroom to the right houses the key you need to get into the PC room. Find that and then enter the password to turn it off.

I’ll save you some time here and tell you that the password is 1985. Type that in and earn yourself 50G.

Death Park – 100G – The Bedroom

death park

Another game that starts off in a bedroom is Death Park. A first-person horror game in where a creepy looking clown persistently chases you down. Perfect for this time of year.

First thing’s first though, you need to hide under the bed. There’s a clown coming. Escape this initial encounter and then you’ll want to get out of there. Find the key – this is in your bedside table – and use it on the same door the clown used. It will open up to the terrifying looking Death Park, but the 100G achievement should make things less scary.

If you want to pick this one up, grab Death Park from the Xbox Store

Earth Marines – 10G – Dead

earth marines

Our final achievement this month really doesn’t need any explanation – the achievement description says it all. However, for those of you that are ‘gud gamerz’ and have never lost a life in any game they’ve played, here’s a quick solution.

Start Earth Marines and choose your character. After you have landed on the planet’s surface, find a zombie and let it go to town on your flesh. Let it kill you for an easy 10G. Just be aware that it may spoil your perfect overall K/D ratio.

That’s everything for this month on our easy achievements list with a host of Gamerscore on offer through the Xbox games that released in September 2021. Can we get predictions for how many horror games will feature in next month’s list? With Death Park 2 on the way, there’s at least one so we’ll see you next month for that one and a whole lot more.

Richard Dobson
Richard Dobson
Avid gamer since the days of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Grew up with the PS1 and PS2 but changed allegiances in 2007 with the release of Halo 3.
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