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Haunted houses and suspected paranormal events are something that has piqued our interest through books, films and, of course, video games. We love a good old fashioned scare and games have been trying to achieve an experience that makes our hairs stand up to attention for decades now. It’s like sitting around a campfire or a darkened room being told a creepy tale by a disturbing older child. Ellen on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch is one of the new hopefuls trying to make us jump behind the sofa. So close the doors, check under the bed and sit down for a tale of intrigue, murder, ghosts and things that go bump in the night.

Available to download right now on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, you play a detective/investigator called James, who is called into the Smith family’s residence in White Hill. A year ago the bodies of the Smith family were all found brutally murdered in their house and the only body that wasn’t found was that of the daughter, Ellen – hence the title of the game. Now local people have spotted what they think is the daughter hanging around to the house in a spooky manner. It’s up to James to investigate and it is then where things begin to get very scary indeed.

For the price tag of £6.69 – although a little launch discount is in place should you be quick – you will get to explore this 2D pixel art horror game. There is action and plenty of puzzles on offer, as well as frightening situations to get through. The soundtrack looks to be amazing, as does the whole tone of this great little game.

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Ellen is available right now on Xbox One and the Xbox Store will allow you the chance to play out this unique narrative. You can also find it available on the usual digital stores of PS4 and Nintendo Switch. We’ll have a full review for you very soon too.

Game Description:

Help young investigator James uncover the dark truth behind the murder of the Smiths’ and their missing daughter Ellen in this thrilling 2D pixel horror game. If you don’t believe in paranormal events, meet the people from White Hill. It’s been years since all but the daughter in the Smiths’ family were found brutally murdered. The people of the town are getting uneasy as more and more witnesses have spoken about seeing the silhouette of a little girl standing in the house. Rumors spread that the silhouette has to be Ellen, the daughter of the Smith’s family, whose body was never found during the investigation of the murders. 1 year later, James, a bright and eager investigator, has taken matters into his own hands to finally reveal the truth of what happened that horrible night.


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