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If someone mentions Far Cry in a conversation, it won’t be too long before its unbelievably well-written villains are discussed. It seems Ubisoft know this all too well, as the Season Pass for their latest instalment – Far Cry 6 – comes in the form of three separate DLCs, each of which focussing on a key villain in the series’ history. With Far Cry 3’s Vaas taking the limelight in the first DLC, Vaas: Insanity, this time around we will be throwing it back to our adventures in Kyrat with Pagan: Control.

Yes, it is the turn of Far Cry 4’s stylish antagonist Pagan Min in the DLC Pagan: Control. Serving as an addition to Far Cry 6, so you must own this game in order to experience Pagan: Control, this time around we will be stepping into the boots of Mr. Min as he comes to terms with his previous actions. You see, it’s easier to understand Pagan’s motives when compared to the likes of the purely psychopathic Vaas (and Far Cry 5’s Joseph Seed, who will be introduced in the next DLC later this year), so this story centers around Pagan’s struggles with guilt and remorse.

In a gameplay sense, players will be controlling Pagan in the classic Far Cry formula we have all come to know and love – expect guns galore, and also the opportunity to face off against key characters from the series. Where Pagan: Control becomes experimental, however, is in its rogue-lite elements, which could tie in to the fractured psyche of our main character. Given the franchise’s previous drug-fueled sequences, seeing a psychedelic Pagan Min wouldn’t be a far cry from the possible.

Now available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, PC and Stadia, Far Cry 6’s Pagan: Control DLC is ready for players to enjoy. It comes as part of Far Cry 6’s Season Pass, so if you have picked this up already (or have it as part of Far Cry 6’s Gold or Ultimate Edition) then it will be ready to boot up. 

On its lonesome, the DLC will cost £11.99 on Xbox – find the listing over on the Xbox Store. First, however, it’s always worth checking out our full review of Far Cry 6; maybe it will tempt you into a purchase of your own. 

Game Description:

Become the villain as you step into the flamboyantly eccentric mind of Pagan Min from Far Cry® 4. His calm and composed dictator belies his ruthless rage. Battle your inner demons in this brand-new DLC episode unlike any before. Unveil the backstory of this iconic villain as you explore unique locations in a twisted version of the Kyrat to collect keys and escape your own mind in this die-and-retry gameplay experience.

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