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Love it or loath it you can’t dismiss the fact that the virtual farming community is a large one, with many gamers the world over fully embracing the appeal of the multitude of farming simulators that are available. Today though, one of the biggest farming titles available – Farming Simulator 19 – is being enhanced, with the huge Seasons Mod breaking out of PC and hitting the Xbox One and PS4 scene.

Expanding its roster of mods that are currently available for Xbox One and PS4, Farming Simulator 19 is today hit with the huge Seasons Mod, which includes the addition of seasons along with an extensive list of changes to animals, audio and more.

Previously only available on PC, GIANTS Software have confirmed that now is the time for the Seasons Mod to hit consoles, pushing it out to both Xbox One and PS4 players who already have the base Farming Simulator 19 game.

The Seasons Mod does pretty much as it says on the tin, adding each of the four seasons, all with their own gameplay impact. Every season looks and sounds unique, complete with white winters, fiery falls, blooming springs, and warm summers, and that means that more weather events are now possible too; with these affecting both crop growth and animals. Should you be looking to ensure that your own specific farm is the best it can be, you’ll need to now keep an eye on the improved weather forecast, and along with an overhauled animals system, the Seasons Mod is sure to provide seasoned farmers with a brand new experience.

With GIANTS Software working with teams like Realismus Modding, we should continue to see new outstanding mods like this become available on consoles in the future too. With over 1200 mod uploads, more than 268 million mod downloads across all platforms, and access to modding tutorials, the future of the Farming Simulator community content just keeps improving.

Should you wish to get involved then you’ll find the Seasons Mod launching today for Farming Simulator 19 on Xbox One and PS4, with it already available on PC. If you don’t have the game, you can grab it right now from the Xbox Store for £34.99. The trailer detailing this Mod is right below.

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