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Embrace the power of echolocation in EchoBlade on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch

Utilise the power of echolocation in EchoBlade

Eastasiasoft are back with their next title, bringing EchoBlade to Xbox, PlayStation and Switch, from PC. Rarely do we see a first-person game deploy such a unique mechanic, but the use of echolocation to reveal your enemies, within a spooky tower, is certainly an interesting premise.

Blind and Trapped

Releasing today on console following a 2022 PC release – EchoBlade on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch sees you take control of a medieval swordsman trapped in a pitch-black tower, with seemingly no escape. The only way out is to tap into your bat-like abilities and use echolocation to determine your position in space, as well as that of your enemies.

Every swing of your metal sword that makes contact with the walls or your foes, as well as the clunking thud of your footsteps, will illuminate the screen, and allow you to make your next move. Such a mechanic has been used before, in the horror title Perception, albeit with much less combat fun to be had.

Everything’s Out to Get You

Not only will you have to constantly light up your surroundings whilst on the hunt for enemies, but the makers of this dimly-lit dungeon have also included a host of fatal traps for you to unwittingly spring. You must always keep your wits about you too. If only in order to avoid triggering pressure plates. Each level you tackle will be found introducing a suite of new features, always keeping you on your toes.

In a nice aesthetic touch, you can assign different colours to different elements of the world. See a red hue? That will be an enemy sword being thrust in your face. A blue light might signal the boundaries of your room. A green glow could be a pressure plate that is about to activate. 

EchoBlade is Available Now

Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Switch and PC players can all now enjoy the perils of EchoBlade. If you are on Xbox, you can pick up a copy of the game from the Xbox Store for £8.39. We’ll be letting you know how this plays in review.

Game Description

Venture forth in this puzzle-combat dungeon explorer where sound is your only guide! 

Blinded and trapped inside a labyrinthian dungeon tower, every sound you make illuminates your path to freedom! In EchoBlade, danger lurks around every darkened corner, from trap doors and chambers filled with toxic fumes to halls patrolled by crusader knights and more! Explore in first-person perspective and watch for echo patterns that reveal walls, floors and enemies around you. 

Every footstep, every metal clank of armor or swing of a blade illuminates your path with a wave of sonic resonance. Stride with care to avoid pressure plates that spring traps. Each level features new mechanics, secrets to discover and puzzles to solve. Customize your adventuring experience by assigning colors to different kinds of threats and environmental features. Use your wits and every resource at your disposal to defy fate and escape!

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