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Enter now – Gigantic Starter Pack Code Giveaway on Xbox One!


We’ve partnered up with Perfect World Entertainment to celebrate the official launch of Gigantic – as it recently broke out of Game Preview – by giving away a whole load of Xbox One codes for a selection of items to enhance your experience. So, hands up if you want a Starter Pack!

Gigantic is a free-to-play MOBA, developed by Motiga, where two teams go up against each other in 6vs6 online battles to try and destroy the massive enemy Guardian to claim the victory. With a cast of interesting and unique characters, each with their own set of abilities, and impressive visuals that you’d expect to see in a Pixar film, there’s a lot to like about Gigantic. If you want to know more, you can always check out our full review of the game.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. We want to giveaway a large amount of codes for a Gigantic Starter Pack which includes additional heroes to access, a special skin, 100 rubies, 5 fortune card draws and a win boost. The eight heroes it’ll give you immediate access to are: The Margrave, HK 206, Beckett, Lord Knossos (who the extra Warlord of the West skin belongs to), Tyto the Swift, Charnok, Uncle Sven, and Xenobia. We can’t think of a better way to kick-start your time with Gigantic.

How do you get one of these lovely Starter Packs? Well, it’s quite simple really. It’s free to enter and Gigantic is free to download and play, so you’ve nothing to lose. Just give us a shout and we’ll fire you a code over as soon as we possibly can. All you need to do to get hold of a code is follow and tweet us on Twitter or pay our Facebook page a visit, give it a like and then message us via the page. Either of those processes will do, and feel free to spread the word about this giveaway.

Codes will be given out on a first come, first served basis, but we’ve got a decent amount to distribute so chances are you’ll be in luck!

*The giveaway is now over – thanks to all who entered*

To Redeem Your Starter Pack Code on Xbox One:

  1. From the “Home” screen on your console, scroll right to access the Xbox Store.
  2. Under “Games,” select “Use a Code.”
  3. Select “Enter the 25-character Code”.
  4. Enter the code on the screen, then select “Enter”, and select “Confirm.”
  5. The Starter Pack will be applied to your Microsoft Account – allowing access to content on both Xbox One and the Windows 10 version.
  6. Search for Gigantic in the Xbox One Marketplace, download, and launch the game.

*Please note that if you are playing on Xbox One, you will need an Xbox Live Gold subscription to access the game on the Xbox Live network.

Gigantic is now available on Xbox One and PC, so be sure to grab it if it seems like a game you might enjoy!

Now, who wants a code??

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6 years ago

can i have one? i would love it! 🙂

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