If you can put the troubles at Telltale to one side for a minute then there is slightly better news on the horizon – Episode 2 of The Walking Dead: The Final Season is here.

Available right now for those Final Season Complete Season holders, Episode 2 of the latest, and probably the last, The Walking Dead season is one that continues on the tale of Clementine and her woes.

Granted, even being tackled by the undead every 2 minutes doesn’t compare to the problems currently being taken on by the small team at Telltale Games, but we’re not here to go down that route… we’re hear to inform you about the arrival of a new chapter of one of the greatest episodic series’ known to man.

Having to put up with the rather annoying AJ is something else that old Clem needs to worry about too, but with the usual dangers lurking around every corner, and hopes for the future in tatters, she’ll need your help in order for good to come out of this mess.

If you are a Complete Season holder of The Walking Dead: The Final Season, then you will find yourself having access to Episode 2 right now. Obviously you’ll want to have played through the adventure and journey found in the season opener first, but once that is out of the way, this second chapter is ready to kick you on.

For how long we see The Walking Dead continue is up in the air, but for now, at least we’re left with a bit more of a tale to take in.

Episode Description:

In the aftermath of a single tragic moment, Clementine must manage the fallout and repair her bond with AJ if she hopes to salvage their future. But something in the woods threatens everything… something more than just walkers.

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