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Tess Everis is returning to The Tower in order to sell her wares in Year Two of the Destiny experience; are you ready to spend your hard earned cash on them?

We’re on about using real money to purchase the new in-game currency, Silver, which in turn can be used to buy stuff from Tess. The Eververse Trading Company will kick off their store with an initial set of eighteen brand new emotes, just like those found in The Taken King Collector’s Edition, up for sale. If you want them then you’ll only have to wait until 13th October for the storefront to arrive along with the pricing information for picking up some Silver.

These aren’t going to improve your ability as a gamer in any way and so those amongst you that aren’t will to fork out the cash can carry on without worrying that you’ll be hindered by this. Bungie will be chucking a few pieces of Silver into all your accounts so you can grab an emote or two for free and express yourself in a new way!

There’s no harm in looking, right?

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