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Exoprimal receives all-new Exosuits and Modules


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Exoprimal expands

In the weeks since Capcom’s Exoprimal has been live, we haven’t been able to get enough of the bombastic dinosaur-killing action that the game treats us to. Whether we have been getting up close and personal with the Tank class, racking up the damage with Assault, or laying down the heals with Support, any and all matches within Exoprimal have been exciting affairs. And now, with the Title Update 1 launching today, there’s all-new ways to customise your exos!

New Exoprimal Alpha Variant Exosuits

Going live as we speak in Exoprimal on Xbox, PlayStation and PC, the most notable inclusion in Exoprimal’s Title Update 1 is that of the Alpha Variant Exosuits. These are modified versions of the base exosuits that are available in the game. And they offer new ways for dedicated players to play their favourite exos. Once you have achieved Level 20 in progression of a certain exo, you unlock their Alpha Variant. 

For example, the typically close-range Zephyr exo is receiving some ranged capability in their Alpha Variant, being able to shoot out energy halos from its chakrams. Further still, Support exo Witchdoctor – one of the strongest exos in the current game meta – is receiving a beam weapon in their Alpha Variant, adding in some considerable damage capabilities.

Check out further details regarding Alpha Variant Exosuits in the full developer deep dive here, but in all.

  • Deadeye Alpha: Burst Fire – This model sports a shotgun with a short-range spread that focuses into a five-shot burst while aiming down sights, offering offensive options for any distance.
  • Zephyr Alpha: Energy Chakram – Unlike its melee-focused counterpart, this Zephyr aims to keep a distance from foes, as its projectiles grow more powerful in mid-range fights.
  • Barrage Alpha: Rocket Hop – This model packs a rocket launcher, which can be charged to deal more damage and cause explosions that also allow it to leap high into the air.
  • Vigilant Alpha: Marksman – The highly maneuverable Marksman wields a semi-auto rifle that spits a stream of single-fire projectiles. One out of every few shots also packs an extra punch!  
  • Roadblock Alpha: Fortress Shield​​ – This Roadblock variant features an arm-mounted shotgun and a detachable shield, which enables it to defend one area while fighting in another.
  • Krieger Alpha: Charge Shotgun​​ – This model trades its minigun for a chargeable shotgun that can fire wide-range scatter shots or powerful compressed blasts that will send foes flying.
  • Murasame Alpha: Frost Glaive – The Frost Glaive unleashes a counterattack that emits waves of ice and freezes enemies in their tracks, making them vulnerable to follow-up attacks.
  • Witchdoctor Alpha: Duality Beam​​ – This suit fires energy beams that heal allies and harm foes. The longer a beam connects with its target, the stronger its effect becomes.
  • Skywave Alpha: Thunder Clap​​ – This model summons lightning from above to paralyze its foes. These bolts can also be charged to hail down powerful targeted strikes.
  • Nimbus Alpha: Double Barrel – Brandishing two types of shotguns, this variant can both heal and deal damage with a sizable spread shot that gets more potent at close range.

Grab each suit from the links above, or take in the full Exosuit Early Unlock Ticket Pack for £24.98

Brand New Modules!

If you are to truly get into Exoprimal, willing to put in the hours of grind, then you’ll need to do so with Modules. These unlockables boost certain stats for your exosuit heroes, allowing you to become the best of the best in the wargames. Title Update 1 is bringing 34 new Modules – some of which exclusively for Alpha Variant Exosuits.

For example, the D – Linear Thrust Module for Deadeye can be equipped with both the base and Alpha Variant models of Deadeye. This grants them the ability to repel enemy Exofighters and smaller dinosaurs away, when using the Strike Thrust ability.

Another notable Module is the Renewal base module, which grants allies bonus HP when being revived by your good self.

Some Roaring Additions

We can all agree that the Title Update 1 for Exoprimal is a hefty one indeed. Mostly as it is essentially doubling the number of playable exosuits for all players.

Make sure to read our full review for Exoprimal on Xbox. And then pick up a copy of the game on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4 and PC. It’ll currently cost you from £49.99 via the Xbox Store, and is also on Game Pass. 

The multiple DLC packs on offer should well be considered too

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