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Experience the festival of your nightmares in Dead Island 2: SoLA

Dead Island 2 SoLA Xbox
Dead Island 2 SoLA Xbox

Summertime usually brings with it beer gardens, (the occasional day of) sunshine and music festivals. The latter being the chance to forget troubles of the real-world and just exist in a several day long party. But what if you annual pilgrimage to your festival of choice turns sour when say, the uninvited undead come and crash the party? Find out how you would cope in Dead Island 2: SoLA DLC, out now for Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

Previously on Dead Island 2…

By now in Dead Island 2, you’ve seen Beverly Hills covered in blood, escaped a vicious cannibalistic cult and met the scariest clown on Santa Monica pier. It is time for some downtime. Head on over to SoLA festival for a holiday of indulgence, music, sun and all the other good things.

Oh wait, zombies have invaded. Problem? Not for you and your new weapons.

New DLC, who dis?

Equip either the Ripper which adds a circular saw to a baseball bat or the Sawblade Launcher. This fires circular sawblades for maximum ranged decapitation potential. Basically, if you like fighting with circular sawblades, SoLA has you covered.

With your new weapons, how about some new zombies to slice and dice with them? SoLA has you covered there with a new Apex Variant in the form of the Whipper. As the name suggests, this zombie will whip you… with its intestines. There is also the Clotter that will turn into bloody ooze to escape your melee attacks, before appearing elsewhere, likely behind you.

The next expansion for Dead Island 2, SoLA, is available now on the Xbox Store, priced at £12.99. If you already own the Season Pass, don’t be purchasing this twice. For those interested in the Season Pass, it contains SoLA and the first DLC Dead Island 2: Haus and can be purchased for £24.99. And don’t forget, Xbox Game Pass subscribers save 10% on all these thanks to Dead Island 2 being part of the subscription service. Let us know if you will be picking this up and stay tuned for our review.

Game description

Stage dive into the heart of SoLA, the ultimate Californian music festival, built upon ancient grounds… Stalking the pulsating heart of LA’s final rave is a psychedelic beat that has unleashed total chaos, leaving nothing but a rotting crater of gore and a malevolent presence haunting the shadows. Something is out there and it’s still hungry. Are you ready to face the music and battle the darkness that raves at the edge of reality? Find out in this second story expansion for Dead Island 2. New Story A deadly virus sweeps through The Valley, turning its inhabitants into ravenous zombies as a chthonic rhythm calls from beyond: the beat of the Autophage. Lured to the festival by an enigmatic warning message, players must explore SoLA’s ruins and put a stop, to this otherworldly menace. New Location A visceral, gore-drenched music festival in the heart of LA (or HELL-A, as we like to call it) echoing to the sound of The Beat which threatens to turn the living into zombies, and with the potential to be heard across the world. New Enemies Whipper – a new apex variant enemy, driven mad with self-loathing by the Autophage. Their compulsion to self-mutilate has turned them into a horrific nightmare of disembowelled intestines, allowing them to lash out at range! Clotter – another new unsettling apex zombie, that can decompose into a revolting pile of gore, making it immune from damage in that form, and then reform elsewhere to continue the fight. Capable of firing a powerful jet of putrid blood from their heart! New Legendary Weapons Ripper – The deadly fusion of a baseball bat and circular saw into a percussive machine of dismemberment. Sawblade Launcher – A heavy weapon that fires rotary sawblades, the perfect weapon for ranged decapitation and dismemberment.

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