Dance of Death: Du Lac & Fey Xbox

The best detectives usually come in a duo: Holmes and Watson, Randall and Hopkirk, Rosemary and Thyme… Du Lac and Fey. These last two have a few neat tricks up their sleeves. Find out what they are today in Dance of Death: Du Lac & Fey on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

London: 1888. The city is gripped by the Autumn of Terror and the worrying times caused by Jack the Ripper. Sir Lancelot Du Lac and Morgana Le Fey task themselves with finding out the real killer and bringing Whitechapel back into a period of normality. Their secret to not being victims themselves; they are immortal.

Dance of Death: Du Lac & Fey also features:

  • A thrilling mystery set in Victorian London during the “Autumn of Terror”.
  • Historically accurate crime scenes and true-to-life locations meticulously researched and fact-checked by experts.
  • Performances by leading actors, such as Perdita Weeks (Kira from Ready Player One), Gareth David-Lloyd (Solas from Dragon Age) and Alexandra Roach (Carrie from Black Mirror).
  • Story by Philip Huxley (Batman: Arkham Knight and Battlefield) and BAFTA Breakthrough Brit winner Jessica Saunders.

You will need to defend yourselves against a variety of enemies, human and fantastical, in order to get the clues you need to piece the mystery together. Explore a Victorian London based on real-life imagery and switch between Du Lac and Fey to speak to the right people or animals. Animals, I hear you say? Well, Fey has been cursed to live out her days as a dog, but one with the ability to speak to other animals.

Our review is now live if you need any further convincing. Check out our 3.5/5 review from our resident Cockney here.

Dance of Death: Du Lac & Fey is on the Xbox Store now priced at £12.49. There is an introductory discount dropping the price down to £11.24 for a short period. Let us know in the comments below if you will be picking this one up.

Game description

1888. The Ripper stalks London’s streets. Play as Arthurian immortals Sir Lancelot Du Lac and Morgana Le Fey on a thrilling quest to stop history’s most infamous murderer and save the city. Team up with Whitechapel local – Mary Jane Kelly – as you explore the capital’s underbelly, meet the intriguing characters who live there, and work with them to solve the crimes. But remember, every decision you make will influence their fates. Awards ● “Best Audio Design” TIGA Games Industry Awards – Winner ● “British Heritage” TIGA Games Industry Awards – Finalist ● “Best Dialogue in an Indie Game” G.A.N.G. Awards – Nominated ● “Best Character – Du Lac and Fey (tie)” Aggie Awards – Nominated

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