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Inspired by the most hardcore action movies of the 1980s, Blast Brigade is getting set to deliver bullet-hell mayhem to console and PC players later this year.

Coming from the Allods Team Arcade, a new team found in the MY.GAMES development family, Blast Brigade vs. the Evil Legion of Dr. Cread (to give the full name) is readying itself to provide players on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC the chance to enjoy some explosive, single-player, 2D action-adventure platforming later in 2021.

In development by a newly-formed team within Allods Team – one which is focusing on pioneering games full of fresh ideas and concepts – Blast Brigade has been inspired by those classic popcorn action movies from the ’80s. Combining the bullet mayhem found in the best run ‘n gun platformers, with deep, metroidvania-style world exploration, it’ll be up to you to work through the worlds on hand with your finest team in tow. Yep, in Blast Brigade you’ll get the chance to assemble a team of four playable heroes with their own abilities, before switching characters on the go, upgrading weapons, facing off against challenging bosses, and, ultimately, preventing doomsday.

Blast Brigade tells the story of a diverse group of special agents from across the globe, and it is these guys who will have to unite against the evil genius Dr. Cread. You see, a seemingly routine mission soon escalates into a mission to save the world, which sees the heroes working together to safeguard the ancient heritage of an island paradise.

You’ll be working these heroes to the bone, exploring the remote island captured by the nefarious Dr. Cread in the process. After many (failed) attempts at world domination, the doctor has now made his lair on the island paradise whilst enslaving its inhabitants to help him build his giant doomsday robot, and it’ll only be the Blast Brigade who can put a stop to the madness.

Players will be controlling four different characters during the course of the game:

  • The American Jeff (J. Jefferson), who has never found a problem he can’t blast his way out of. Using his trusty grenade launcher, Jeff is an all-American hero who always charges into headlong confrontations with evil-doers and villains.
  • Soviet KGB Agent Alexandra “Shura” Voron infiltrates hostile territory with her grappling hook to take out enemies of the motherland with her sniper rifle. A master manipulator and infiltrator, Shura preferably works from the shadows to achieve her goals.
  • The Scotsman Gavin Henry Gale or “Galahad” is a MI6 spy that was recently captured by Dr. Cread. After being subjected to horrible experiments at the hands of the Doctor, he managed to escape and now uses his cyborg body to wreak havoc on his foes.
  • Holy Sentinel Vartaxaklahun “Vortex” Paqarnusta works with the Blast Brigade to help liberate her island from Dr. Cread. Wielding Chakrams in a spinning dance of death, Vortex also has rudimentary knowledge of the ancient technology of the island.

From Vortex’s holy chakram to Shura’s grappling hook, the various characters’ special abilities can be used to tackle each situation in a new and exciting way.

Blast Brigade is set to launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC at some point in 2021, running a price of $19.99/€19,99. Let us know if you’ll be joining the team! You can wishlist it on Steam too.

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