If you’re looking for the most authentic F1 experience ever, then F1 2018 will deliver it… and today we are seeing the latest developer diary drop.

Codemasters are gearing up to release F1 2018 to the world on August 24th 2018, promising that it’ll be a game that F1 fans the world over will flock to. In order to build the hype behind it a little more, a series of developer diaries have been released, with the latest one focuses on exactly why it’ll be the most authentic F1 simulation yet.

Boasting the most authentic F1 car handling simulation ever seen in the franchise, F1 2018’s car simulation and handling has significantly advanced this year, with revamped suspension and chassis physics, the addition of real world F1 data for unprecedented accuracy, new “tyre carcass” temperature for the first time, as well as manual deployment of the ERS system.

This should ensure that the result of these enhancements is that we get to experience the pure sensation of the tyres tearing into the track surface, therefore giving a realistic and relatable feeling of grip, under all wear, compounds and weather conditions.

“I believe F1® 2018 is a massive step up, because we’ve introduced so many more simulation aspects that I believe will be very well received by all the players,” commented David Greco, Senior Car Handling Designer on F1® 2018. “To choose which one is the most important and advanced is quite hard, but I would probably say it is the expanded system which enables us to simulate the tyre temperature more realistically than we have ever done before.”

He continued: “This year, the way the car feels, with the ‘Force Feedback’, and how it all works together, we are very close to what I want from a simulator. In over 20 years of my career between sim racing and real motorsport, I have always come across questions like: ‘one title is more simulator than another title, because it’s very difficult to drive?’ With my real motorsport experience, I can say that real racing cars are made to have a lot of grip. To me, a simulator is not how easy it is to drive or how easy to make it spin. To me, a simulation is how many real-life, physical components we simulate, and especially this year, there are not many features that I can think of that we don’t simulate. To just call it a game to me is not enough anymore.”

F1 2018 won’t just bring the most authentic handling system yet, but it’ll also include all the official teams, drivers and the 21 circuits from the thrilling 2018 season… and that’s without mentioning the 20 iconic cars from the history of the sport.

Will you be getting involved? Watch the latest dev diary below and then let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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