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It’s something old, something new and something blue today on Game Pass (we couldn’t find a fourth game to classify as ‘borrowed’ to complete the saying, dang it).

‘Something old’ is a little debatable, but F1 2021 (Console) has been out for a year now, and has chicaned its way onto Game Pass via EA Play. The ‘something new’ is Norco (PC), which we hadn’t heard of until today: we guessed it would be a hard-boiled film noir featuring a pig, but we were way off the mark. The ‘something blue’ is A Memoir Blue (Console, Cloud and PC), the latest from Annapurna Interactive, 

You largely know what you’re getting from F1 2021. This is the latest in the hugely successful series of licensed racing games, developed by Codemasters. It’s all the drivers, constructors and tracks that you could possibly want, dressed up with some fancy bits: there’s Braking Point, a kind of rags-to-riches single-player campaign; My Team, which lets you create your own team and then push to the front of the constructor’s championship; and there’s the illustrious Career mode, which encourages you to race for the top over multiple seasons. 

More in the “what did I just watch?” bracket is Norco, a PC only release on Game Pass, and the screenshots alone are giving us the chills. The genres feel like they’ve been pulled randomly out of a hat: this a sci-fi Southern Gothic point-and-click adventure. It looks beautiful, rendered in gloomy pixel art, making us wish it was coming out on Xbox. It has you chasing a security cyborg who may or may not have killed your brother, and it looks brill.

Last on the list is A Memoir Blue, which we personally had the pleasure to review. It’s a short, wistful journey through a young woman’s memories of her mother, and it comes from Annapurna Interactive, who are masters of beautiful narrative experiences. It’s at its best in the Who Framed Roger Rabbit?-style mixed-media sequences, where cel animations interact with fully rendered models. It’s at its least good with the simplistic gameplay. Still, we handed it a 3.5/5 and it’s well worth the short time it takes to play it. 

All that remains to come out on Game Pass this month is Crusader Kings III (Xbox Series X|S) on March 29th, and Weird West (Cloud, Console, and PC) on March 31st.

Are you in for any of these games? Let us know in the comments below, or drop us a note on our social channels.

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