Fall Guys Xbox Announcement

We’ve known for some time that the hugely popular multiplayer game Fall Guys was making its way to Xbox, but a solid release date never materialised. That is, until now, and you won’t have long to wait at all.

If you missed all the excitement in “The Big Announcement” for Fall Guys then fear not, you can check it out below. Presented by Elle Osili-Wood and WWE Superstar Xavier Woods, it contains all the mayhem you would expect from Fall Guys:

There are two major announcements to take away from this. Firstly, Fall Guys is going ‘Free for All’. As a game that has only ever had cosmetic items to purchase, this makes absolute sense. Existing players on PlayStation will be entitled to the Legacy Pack to say thank you for being there from the beginning. This contains the first Season Pass for free and some new cosmetic items. The Season Pass for everyone else appears to work how you would expect it to; a free version, and a premium version to be purchased with the new Fall Guys currency, Show-Bucks.

For anyone interested, the existing currency of Kudos will still remain.

Then we get to the really exciting news, a release date. Fall Guys will be released on Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Epic Games Store on 21st June. The initial release on PlayStation and Steam was plagued with server issues; let’s hope they have been addressed this time around. I am expecting a similar level of response.

Fall Guys’ arrival on Xbox will coincide with the new Season, known as ‘Free For All’. An ambiguous meaning I think you’ll agree, as Fall Guys is going free-to-play and the multiplayer mayhem that follows is very much a free for all. This season will introduce new events and locations for returning players, and a whole lot of fun for new players.

I say that with a lot of confidence, as I have played a lot of Fall Guys. I am still however to win an episode. If anyone fancies teaming up, let me know in the comments below. And it doesn’t matter which platform as Fall Guys will be available with cross-play and cross-progression!

We don’t yet have an Xbox Store page to direct you towards but be sure to keep checking the Fall Guys website for those all-important store links. We shall see you on the starting line on 21st June!

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