Farming 2017 The Simulation - 06

As Spring approaches, it’s time to start tending to our fields, feeding our cows and basically getting down and dirty with farm life once again. Thankfully we won’t have to venture too far from our sofas as Farming 2017: The Simulation will soon be appearing!

Arriving on ‘PC and major game consoles’, we’re hazarding a guess that that’ll mean Xbox One and PS4 amongst others – if we’re super lucky we may even see it appear on Xbox 360 as well – Farming 2017: The Simulation will be with us in March 2016. It’ll be time to head off out into the countryside once again as the vast open world environment, realistic seasons, originally tractors and farming vehicles and a whole ton of animals beg for our attention.

We have to admit to not yet being wowed by a farming title on Xbox One, but perhaps Farming 2017: The Simulation will be the one to change all that.

Here’s hoping!


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6 years ago

Isn’t that supposed to be “farming simulator 17”?